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Who else out there has type 2 diabetties

Hi there I am the wiife and have just found out my husband has type 2 diabeties and has to loose some weight real fast to get htis under control wo else has had to go threw this and maybe have some good tips for me to help him achive this any sugesstions would be really great :)


My only tip would be to go to a nutritionist that deals with Diabetes and get their advice and a plan. Certainly it's more manageable than type 1. If you need some scare tactics just google it, there's a lot of information on the web that will scare the hell out of him. Certainly worked with my father, who lost 40kg within 6-8 months of diagnosis. He went to a naturopath and a nutritionist and had them work together to create a totally new diet for him. He hated it at first soon got used to it. Ten years later he's still going strong, has kept the weight off and has essentially reinvented himself. good luck!


Hi, only just saw this post and I am sure you are all under control by now, but it is really simple. Cut down on carbs, fat and alcohol. oh and salt. Start carb counting and give up the booze is my best advice. unfortunatly my diabetes developed into type one so I have that for life plus injecting four times a day. All the best to you & your husband.


I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant, which was quiet a shock. The diabetes team at the hospital are fantastic - they will give you great advice. I found switching to wholemeal bread (eg Vogels) and having the emphasis on protein and veges was helpful. Exercise is key too. I now have to be careful for the rest of my life as I am very likely to get diabetes, having had gestational diabetes. Good luck!


I have type 2 Marie and much like your husband it was a big shock. The key for me was accepting that my former bad habits (binge drinking, too many sweet treats and fast food, not exercising) had to change or, quite simply, they were going to inhibit my life and maybe even kill me. It's hard to change but worth it. There are a lot of side benefits to eating a lot healthier and being more active. I don't feel tired halfway through the day anymore. I feel better in general. I've rediscovered foods i love. The thing which has been the most help undoubtably has been the support of my partner. She's been wonderful, gently reminding me to excercise and monitoring if i snack ( and what I snack) without nagging me. She's the best. Good luck to your husband, it's hard to change long time habits but not impossible and the benefits are incalculable in value.

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