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Who do you get your dietary advice from?

There is so much conflicting advice online that it's hard/impossible to know who is right and who is just guessing or talking to get attention but really hasn't got a clue.
I've only taken dietary advice twice that I can remember.

The first time was a guy I know who started a website to help people lose weight. It's a calorie counting site, free, and it really worked. I lost about 8kg. It's www.savinglucas.com

The second may well be today. I walked to the back of the 4 Square and caught the owner with what appeared to be able half an apple stuffed in his mouth. I laughed at him, and he said he ate an apple a day. I was going to ask him if that kept the Doctor away (but didn't which was probably good as he wasn't English and may not have understood) but he launched into telling me he ate TWO apples a day. And 1-2 bananas, and 3 kiwifruit, and 2 oranges. Everyday. And apparently he eats regular meals (sans sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc) and only needs to sleep 5 hours a night, and he looks... well not 'great', he's not my type, but he certainly looks pretty good. Doesn't get sick. Doesn't sit down from 5:30 til 11pm. This seemed amazing to me. Amazing enough that I'm tempted to give it a go.

Oh, and the point of this story I guess is that I get my dietary advice from actual people who have had good results from a diet.


as a kid we ate the pritkins diet which is kinda along those lines fresh and not over cooked foods - fruit, veges, wholemeal breads etc no meat salt sugar etc so i tend to try and live like that but not as strict

Wow. Was there are reason your family ate like this? General health? A specific issue? I have friends who do similar diets but usually it's for a specific reason.

The 'crave diet' is an actual thing? Huh. I kind of do that too. Try to listen to what my body is asking for.

Which is often chocolate.

Kidding. :)

yeah my dad had cancer before i was born was given 6 weeks to live and then did the chemo and they recommended eating like this too seemed to work as he is still around now 32 years later his specialist is still stunned at his 10year check ups haha!

and yeah if you crave some chocolate you have some but only a little bit, With me its usually meat or something oily (kfc) as i don't eat meat much (maybe once every 1-2months) but if you only have a little of the bad stuff its all good for you

Wow! That's an amazing and wonderful story!! My Uncle was diagnosed with 'incurable' cancer when he was about 18. That was 40+ years ago. Great to hear these kinds of stories.

I don't eat a lot of chocolate actually. And only dark, which discourages me from eating more than two little squares. I've been trying Syd the 4 Square Man's diet today and 2 kiwifruit, one banana and an orange later and I'm a little bit sick of fruit actually.

Worth a try, if only because cancer runs in my family to an alarming degree.

And because if it works for me I want to do a mini-doco on him, and then a ton of other ordinary kiwis with small but interesting stories.


thinking too other diet i follow is the crave diet -if i really feel like something ill have it

Yeah, I go along with that too. I believe that our bodies ask for what they need. So I never ignore a good craving. I had this incredible urge for lamb the other day, so it's roast tonight...


Wouldn't it be nice if whenever you over ate we could simply press CTRL ALT DELETE and start over again.

Which ever diet plan you choose whether it's Jenny Craig or Atkins, you must stick to it and see out the whole term. In the end they are teaching us will power. Be strong, and good on you for leaving the chocolate alone.


See Food diet for me- I see food and eat it- except if it is bad for me or if it is not my food.


We CAN do that Clyde. Not exactly a 3 key combo... more a 2 finger.. AAAACK... flush. It's called Bulimia I believe.

You suggesting trying to become anorexic or something, not a good idea to joke about that in case someone thinks we are serious. Going to end in tears for someone.

Getting back to the problem at hand, the only practical solution is changing your diet and getting some exercise, this will turn ones life and body around for the better. It all takes time, but as Rachel Hunter used to say "it won't happen over night, but it will happen".

Leave the two fingers for on the rocks. Now is that measurement before or after the ice is in the glass, l can never remember?


Absolutely, and Jabes is suggesting people amputate limbs for weight loss. I prefer his method to mine; as he correctly states, you're able to lose very precise amounts this way. Jabes, we should write a book about it.


I do eat a bit of chocolate.. only vegan friendly stuff though... have been vegan for 16 years after trying lacto vegetarian for a couple of years before that... I tend to dish out dietary advice haha

I don't think there is such a thing as vegan chocolate.

From interestingfacts.org Did you know that the average chocolate bar in the U.S. contains at least 8 pieces of an insect in it? Harvesting of the cacao beans occurs in the tropical countries of South America with low sanitation levels. Cacao tree beans are cut and piled in the farmer's field where they ferment for 6 days. During this process, children and adults walk over the piles; insects, rodents, small animals and other living things that make their nests in the piles.

Not that I think they are the authority of the world, but most resources seem to agree with this fact.

That's nice. Thank you for helping me give it up. Mmmm insect chocolate.

Yeah, I've just come to terms with it.

Have you seen the TED talk about eating insects?

I have now. YUCK!

Well l won't be eating bugs or such awake or asleep.

Thank goodness we don't swallow them in our sleep, imagine that. Wake up in the morning with a set of wings from some critter stuck in your teeth. Why would any bug in their right tiny minds crawl into a damp, warm, breathing cave protected with large white fangs?

So we need to be strong while still conscious & show self control, just say NO thanks, pass me the salt!


no one person, but common sense helps.


mmmm.........commonsects.........yummmmmm....and the brown bits are ???????

Toe jam from the children and adults...

Nasty, l wonder how long will toe jam last in your refrigerator?

About as long as the bar of chocolate it comes in lasts, I suspect... Mmmmm, Cadbury's Fooot and Nut!

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