Discussing :: Which meat is healthiest?


I think lamb must be - it is used aone to start sorting out people who have allergies so iy must be pretty pure.As an aside - it totally depends what the animal eats - gotta be grass fed with as few fertilisers as poss to be the best.


Definitely Beef and Lamb NZ. Full of iron and calcium. Taste nice and delicious


The healthiest meat is TOFU. wait i mean turkey


Does fish count. If not then I would say chicken or lean beef. All of which a pretty tasty


I don't know but it is not rabbit - as anyone who watch Qi last week would know. Apparently if you eat rabbbit and only rabbit you will die through lack of nutrients.


I don't think you can discern 'the healthiest' in terms of species. As the body will metabolise it all the same. If you keep it down its a gud'un.


The poultry secies cant go wrong- and quail.


Turkey for Christmas can't go wrong there, good and healthy. No fighting over the dark meat now!


No time for diets at Christmas, just go hard. Worry about the diet as a failed New Years resolution (not again!)


only tip i have is not to eat the chicken or turkey skin this festive season...however gorging yourself on everything else probably defeats the purpose! Stuff it eat the skin too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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