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Which meat is healthiest?

For so many people, being a vegetarian is just not a viable option. We are a nation of meat lovers (and produce tonnes of it every year for world markets), so which meat is healthiest to eat? Well experts tend to disagree, but what most are sure of is that the healthiest meats are those that are less intensively farmed, and preferably organic. That probably rules out most pork, with ham in particular cursed by often having added salt and flavourings. The popular vote appears to go for turkey, which is one of the leanest meats available, just as long as you insist on organic. Still, you can't beat a good angus steak!


We are lucky here in NZ. When I travel to the US I switch to vegetarianism-their meat is full of growth hormones and who knows what else- it's easier to just give it a miss for a week or two.


Yeah, it's good that we have more organic meat readily available these days. Definitely better for us.


The family pet sheep....fed ample grass and massaged daily the kids. Best not tell them when its on their plate though...lol


...as long as it is lean organic meat IMO that would be the best....with as minimal marbling on the meat as possible...sorry can't help it my brother is a chef and he does go on....lol


Fat or marbling in your meat may not be healthy but the chefs love it cos it adds flavour.

very true Darren but as this thread suggests and IMO not having that is the best option, and though it adds flavour.....always a good idea to have spices and herbs etc, to use to give the meat some flavour


If you eat something with vitamin C in it with your red meat, it is meant to help your body absorb the iron in it better, making it more healthy.


i defintely cannot go any more then a couple days in a roll because am a meat fan!!! especially steak!!


Would have to be turkey wouldn't it?? Loaded with protein.. But alas definitely not the cheapest, quite possibly the dearest.. Could only find it at New World also..


I say the leanest and measnest meat is lamb (yes just a bit biased with parents who are lamb farmers)


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