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What's Your Heart Age?

Do you know your heart age? I recently had a work place health check, which basically consists of a number of health questions, your BMI (height and weight), blood pressure, blood sugar and a cholesterol test. The data is then fed into the 'What's Your Number' tool on the NZ Heart Foundation's website to give you your heart age. As a reasonably fit, non-smoking, moderate drinker who has a healthy diet, the number presented to me was quite shocking. It begs the question, how accurate are these tools? Give it a go yourself - you can enter as much data as you are aware of on the website - and check your number. I felt reasonably well going into the health check, but ended up with a racing heart feeling just a little flustered! Maybe that's the objective - to spook you into leading a healthier lifestyle. What do others think?


Well a few years ago my ticker felt like it was in it's 30's. But now..........mmmmmm


Thankfully mine came in as low risk, as it should be. I guess putting in the information alone could make those who are at risk think about it (well, perhaps).


Here's the site if anyone wants to try the quiz: http://www.knowyournumbers.co.nz/


All good here, with a family history of early death from heart attacks on the male side i make sure that i take good care of the thing that is keeping me alive.

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