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Swimming is so soothing and ease on the body and joints. It not only tones many muscle groups, it assists in breathing and you feel really healthy and refreshed afterwards. Particularly if you can have a 10 minute spell in the sauna afterwards. I try and swim every other day for about 20 lengths, getting more each week.


Anything I can do at home, Sit ups, push ups, exercycle, pilates... and boyfriend.


Yoga - more for the contemplative nature and quiet re doing - feeling the stretch, relaxing and then going into again. That moment when you recognise that you have clicked into place.


I normally just surf, skate & ride my fixie ... just started boxfit training for an hour a day last week... so hard out on the body, don't think I could lose any weight, as I thought I was fit & lean already, but now using muscles I never used before & may end up with a 6 pack?


Nothing is better than a long run. Especially if you live close to the ocean or a big lake that has a fairly well maintained trail system.

I've always hated lifting, but some moderate to heavy lifting has significant gains on muscle gain AND weight loss. This is because an intense central nervous system (CNS) bout of exercise raises your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours. That means even when you're doing nothing your body is metabolising more fat & carbohydrates because of that work out.

Because I'd rather be out for a run I try and do some lifting right after my run.


Walking home after a long stressful day is just the best thing I can think of to unwind. Hate catching the bus. Am generally home quicker than if I wait for the right bus and then the slow journey.


Lifting up the remote to change the channel. Sometimes I pull a muscle but hell, its worth it!


I run every couple of days and ran 8 kms this morning. Sure is a good way to start the day before breakfast!


Walking is my favourite, low impact and doesn't make me too puffed!


Running around with my daughter... fun, laughter and exercise in one!!!

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