Discussing :: Whats your favourite form of exercise?


Ha l'm getting soft in my old age especially in the winter, l have a few gym items in our garage which doubles as the Man Cave. I routinely alternate between an hours exercycle or run on the treadmill while either watching music dvd's or listening to the radio (shiftwork - days off). The great thing about the cycling inside, you get to read the Herald and don’t have to brave the elements. Up until two years l would cycle or run in the cold and rain wasn’t a problem. Geez what was l thinking. Running is my favourite exercise, it keeps you honest.


My favourite type of excerices has to be bedroom gymnastics ;)


Swimming's the best, low impact and can do it in any weather


I surf, when it's not to freezing cold. But in winter I play "social" indoor netball the start and stop of the game really getting the heart pumping and it is very rare that u leave the court not drenched in ur own sweat. Just like surfing it is great for stengthening joints too


Exercise - should be getting on the treadmill to build up my fitness but its hard to find the motivation!


I find circuit training really works for me. Intensive bursts of an activity, a short break, and on to the next thing. I used to do this at the gym but it is possible to do it at home with weights and an exercycle, plus using lunges, jumping rope, etc.


It would have to be boxing training for sure!


I mainly do heavy liftinf, free weight, and squats. Have seen the best results with these woekouts. I also play basketball for enjoyment.


A mixture of classes and free weights / classes like Pump & Combat at Les Mills are pretty damn awesome - although watch out for the french instructor at the AK City / Britomart Pump classes, wears the most inappropriate pants - nothing worse than looking up and seeing dangling balls - not cool. Ussually a 3 - 4 days of cardio classes in the morning and 3 - 4 days of free weight training in the evenings - don't neglect your legs and lower body!


I started with walking to loose weight. This has progressed to gym work and entering into competitions. However, I do prefer team sport, the social interaction makes it really fun. Being one who is highly competitive it tends to sooth the agression. :)


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