Discussing :: Whats your favourite form of exercise?


I walk daily, unless of course it is really crap weather etc...


i enjoy going for a jog (okay maybe a fast walk) along the waterfront, nothing quite like breathing in the fresh sea air and taking in the scenery whilst doing some exercise


I hardly exercise a lot, but I think just walking and keeping myself active doing chores when at home helps me feel nice.


I used to run often but with time restraints i had to find something else to do.. I searched online and found that the best and most intensive exercise i could do in my backyard or inside the house was burpees..

You can change them up. Do a push up and a star jump. Go from a squat thrust to a chin up or even do different angles and use a medicine ball or dumbell for added resistance...

another thing i found effective was the playing card workout..

select four different exercises such as
crunches, push ups, leg climbers and standard burpees

shuffle deck then take ten cards out. The suit of the card is an exercise and the number on the card is how many reps you do of that exercise. If you get a face card. Its an eleven.. Aces are tens or ones. depending on how you feel during the workout..

Its randomly selected and it can destroy you in a heartbeat.


I do cycling and Yoga ...


Anything where it doesn't feel like you're exersising.. Like skiing/snowboarding so great and heaps of fun but boy oh boy! What a work out. Swimming is good because even though you are sweating, the water washes it away and you are constantly being refreshed.


my Fave form of exercise is quite involved and happens daily ---> Step 1 - Bicep curls by lifting the phone up to the ear, Step 2 - exercise the fingers/hand by dialing for PIZZA, Step 3 - exercise the jaw and lungs by voiceing your order, Step 4 - exercise the legs/back by running to the door when the bell rings, step 5 - exercise the brain by doing maths working out correct change in cash or expected change expected when paying for the order, Step 6 weights exercise by lifting the PIZZA BOX in through the house to dining area, Step 7 - exercise the jaw, taste buds, bicep/tricep curls and ingestive/digestive system in your body by eating the goods delivered. It's a full body work-out and recovery time is an hour or two. You can mix in the Step 8 - exercise the legs and back by walking outside to put the box in the bin therefore working the arms again by lifting and lowering the bin lid.


Walking and Sex are very very good form of exercises... walking makes all the muscles move and sweat as well.... and so with Sex, muscle movements and sweat, but more than anything... it is enjoyable and safe, as long it is with your partner!


In my teens I used to love throwing the frisbee and playing basketball. Now I'm really enjoying teaching my youngest how to throw a frisbee and play and shoot the old basketball. He's actually showing good promise and I get a bit of a sweat up so yeah, doing something with my boy would have to be right up there. But I have been known to get very sweaty with my partner too, but that's for another column I think ;-)


Id say running for sure


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