Discussing :: Whats your favourite form of exercise?


I've got a swiss ball and do exercises on that. It strengthens your core and you are constantly moving on it doing different exercises. Even when finished I will sit while I'm watching tv at night and move constantly so that's got to be better than just sitting on the couch. Can do it inside when it's raining or cold - it's great!

I like that idea! I think I might have to grab me one of them, we used them at the gym and Im sure I can bust out a few moves at home!

I've got a swiss ball at work with the intention to sit on it instead of my chair so that my body can get some exercise while I am working.

It has been sitting at the corner for at least a year or two.

I should start using it again!!

Me too!


I joined a gym a couple of years ago and I haven't looked back since! I like how I can either challenge myself with my own workout so I'm not competing with anyone but my own self, or if I want some human interaction I can jump into one of the group classes and be guided by the instructor.


walking is my favourite form of exercise.i walk lots and it seems to keep me in shape


anything that works up a sweat..fast. interval training for me at the moment..though the occasional weekend hike is great


A mate and I just starting to run while we play golf, we start at first light and finish 18 holes in less than 2 hours with better scores than we ever got before. This helps our games and our home lives (as we both have 3 kids under 6) and gives us a pretty decent workout/chance to catch up each week - usually on the tee box or on the green!!

that sounds like a fun way to play golf! should give it a try some time!


I used to play a little bit of everything like soccer, tennis, karate and rock climbing but not really anymore so I joined a gym so that I am still able to get some exercise done. I just love the group fitness classes as they can be really exhausting but fun at the same time. Sometimes I would even go to these classes instead of playing with my mates..!!


Mine would definitely by boxing training, the gym i belong too has a great family-type atmosphere and we all keep each other motivated during the sessions. Not only do you get a body work out but also your mind as well.


A run with the dog in the morning through the Bush.Always gets the old ticker pumping.


a long walk along the beach or bush trail.


a good long session of energetic sex!


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