Discussing :: Whats your favourite form of exercise?


ab crunches and burpees...working hard at the mo. the diets the killer egg whites and small cups of rice

That's all you're eating???

trying to shed body fat...too much time on the couch during winter. if you're trying to cut abs you've got to lose the stomach fat first otherwise you build muscle but it doesn't display. i do have other food but no sugars, limited veges (carbs) and trim protein sources and the usual multi vitamins.

Sounds utterly horrific. I enjoy my food way too much to ever let abs get in its way.


its more than abs that make a man

Thought i'd shape up for summer as a personal challenge. i'm not getting any younger and would like to show a photo to the kids when i'm 90!


I get my steel cap gumboots on and traipse across soft sand and rivers for about an hour along 90-Mile Beach. It's not so much a workout as a necessary time out during the day; beautiful at sunset and I just plug in my i-pod and toddle off. It's awesome!


walking, house work and taking care of the kids. you'll burn enough calories and not even be aware of it!


Definitely my rowing machine ..... doesn't matter what the weather is like .... no gym fees .... low impact .... and a great cardio workout using legs, arms and core.


I find running for an hour or more keeps me honest when exercising and l can switch off (zone out). It's not like cycling where you can have a rest if the going gets a bit tough. If you stop it's bloody hard to get back into a rythm.


For the first 72 years of my life, I would've answered the question with "nothing. There is no enjoyable form of excersise". But you know what - I've discovered ice hockey! What a great sport!!!


.....I come from a family of sports mad people my siblings and I always played a lot of sport at school and after....my problem is being lax on it....before I could do it in a second now I have to motivate myself to get up and do it and that's where it is for me....however usually once I am in to it.....I am loving it....so motivation is the stickler for me


Swimming is the best, and I try to do it every alternative day and on the other day I like to do some weights to improve my strength and cardio. Nine months ago I was lucky to swim one length of the pool,now with this regimine I feel so much better, look better and am happy within myself that I am looking after my future, and can swim up to 40 lengths.Amazing what a bit of dedication and will power can do!


I just love to walk as it is stress free and doesn't cost any money like a gym.

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