Discussing :: Whats your favourite form of exercise?


I think my favourite type of exercise is anything that you forget is actually exercise while you're doing it.


does sexercise count


It totally counts.


Just went for a run. I made it about 4 KM before panting like an old man and having to return to home base. Must work on this.

That's pretty impressive. I'd manage about 400m before conking out. Now swimming, that's a whole different kettle of... erm... fish. Why can I swim for miles, but can't run more than a couple hundred meters?

I was totally the same till i got the dog and had to walk i could paddle a kayak or surf for 4-5 hours no issue at all but 20min up a hill would destroy me

So what is it that makes us so proficient at one sport and shite at another? I can seriously swim for 4km without stopping but can't manage to run for more than about 2 minutes.

Jason, come do the 5 Bridges swim next year. I did it two years ago, alone, which was awesome, but this year it snuck up on me so I figured I'd do it if someone else wanted to relax down the river but I couldn't convince anyone. Not that I tried that hard. I didn't want to drag someone in and then have them hate the experience or quit. But really, it's a beautiful way to see the city.
I also do the ADRA ('not so much') fun run, but that's really just for the prizes at the end (and to support my friends who organise it), not for a love of running. Which I LOATHE! When I lived in San Francisco I was about 50 metres from the bus stop and I would rather miss the bus than run for it.

I should add that by 'alone' I meant there were more than 100 other swimmers in the water, I just didn't know them. Most of them were racing, but I took time to smell the... well, the water to be honest. I think it's in Feb. Or March, or April. Here lies the reason it snuck up on me.

Okay, looks like April. http://www.nzmastersswimming.org.nz/latest_competition_news/history_of_the_five_bridges_river_swim
And yes, it's downstream (It's amazing how many people ask me if it's upstream. No, that would take about a week and a half...) and about the equivalent of 4km, depending on your speed.

And no, I didn't get sick afterwards.

I reckon that would be a hoot. The current is quite fast though isn't it? How fast? I remember taking a trip years ago on the MV Waipa Delta. It seemed to take forever to get back once the downstream leg was done...

Yeah, it's fairly swift. One guy seemed to just float the whole way down and I think it only took him 95 minutes. The guys who won train every day, go to meets, etc, and I gave that up years ago. I'm just in it for the fun, the experience, and so I can drive my kids crazy by casually saying "I swam that river" every single time we drive over the Waikato.

Hmm, sounds like it could be fun. I went in for the Kohi summer swim series last year but only did a couple of them.


prob if you do one alot more then suppose it makes you better at it so then you do that more cause you enjoy it more so the cycle continues. I do a bit of yoga too and one teacher was saying you always need to do the stretches you dont enjoy more as those are the ones you do too little so the body is sorer on that side then it leads you to being unbalanced!

I'm proud to say that most of my friends refer to me as unbalanced.


I surf, I built my body back to strength from heart failure last year just by surfing after work every day, I found skateboarding was destroying me as much as building me up. It's always the same after injury I find surfing gets my fitness back online again & rebuilds the body while having fun & pushing your surfing at the same time.


Okay, current fave exercise, lyra and tissue. Just did it today, first time in 10 years, damn near dead, feels GREAT!!

What the hell is lyra and tissue?


And the tissue? To clean up the mess they make when they fall? Very impressive though... you can do this?

And these are my friends doing tissue (aka silks). Best once she gets off the ground.

I also have a static trapeze, and a hammock, but we didn't hang them. Need more carabiners.

The mind boggles... a hammock you say...

I haven't done this in 10 years. I mostly did flying trapeze, and a little of this. But I bought a lot of aerial equipment home with me from the USA and I finally have a friend who wants to do it with me, and a place to hang it. Just building up upper body/arm/hand strength at the moment. Loves it.

I would have projectile vomited around the 7:48 mark...

Okay, this is my awesome friend Judith. She has this rig just round from where I used to live in West Hollywood. I think she was the first to do hammock.

ps. I'm not much into the spinning either...


Basketball is my favourite form of excercise it's great fun. I also go to the gym though when I can.


Indoor climbing. It's a body-weight exercise, does your whole upper body, abs and legs. Fun, challenging and non-repetitive :)

This would almost be as low impact as swimming. What does it cost? Can you just go casually for a few bucks?




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