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Whats your favourite form of exercise?

Do you go to the gym? Play a sport? Walk daily? What do you do to keep healthy and stress free through exercise? I play basketball because of its interval like training effect and social interaction.

my least favorite would be my job. but by the time i finish of an evening i am too worn out to even contemplate any other form of exercise.

i like to play out door tem sports for exercise you meet new people enjoy the competityion and have fun

I do weights at home everyday as are not into the whole gym posey scene, am 56 so find the comfort of doing my weights excercises at home more comfortable. I do need to get out and walk more tho :-)

Im a big fan of Paddle Board, or Surfing. They both can give a super good interval training workout. However I know that it should be combined with a really good gym program to maintain muscular balance.


I play Bball also. Even though it's for only 1 night a week. Still love it and have managed to stick with it since leaving highschool 12 years ago. Also have gotten in with a great bunch of guys all in their 40s and 30s who have been playing a long time. Just wish is was more than once a week. Since it is only the once a week I supplement with 3 or 4 gym sessions a week too. This incorporates weight lifting and light cardio. Do you play socially James or in a league?


I play in Otago Mens A league but have been a age rep for waitakere/massey since i started playing basketball back in a YMCA league.

Im looking forward to my off-season coming up and like you will be training in the gym/track/court... 4-5/week


My favourite form of exercise would be with others or a team. It helps with the motivation and is more fun, period. I'm not currently part of any sports team so I'm a bit lacking in this department. Never really got into the whole gym class thing. Other forms of exercise I currently do: walking (Wellington is good for hills!), pushups, abwheel (still getting into this as it's a real pain!).

Boxing fitness classes I would recommend for a guy who hasn't realy gotten into fitness classes.

Just a hint re:push ups and abs wheel. Dont forget about your back or you will get rounded shoulders and maybe even injuries. For the ab wheel dont forget to do some "supermans or back extensions" cause like before you dont want to become lopsided

James - thanks for the advice. Yes, I'll try do some supermans to balance out my body!


I'm way more motivated as part of a team too but currently I've been a bit lazy and not up to much. Walking is it at the moment.

Winter doesn't really help with getting anyone motivated to exercise anyway. Too dark when you get home from work and too cold in the mornings to get up early! I always struggle during winter to get my A into G!

I know how you feel. Try looking up a Body weight resistance program that you can do at home and just crank some music you like. Good stress relief and exercise has been proven to help buffer depression for those weeks at work that you just cant be bothered with ;D


I surf for enjoyment but is a good fitness too specially out west tons of paddling, then rock climb during winter to make up for less surf time with no daylight savings. Walk the dog every day thru some bush tracks to that gets the heart going a bit as well.

Always wanted to learn to surf but while I'm down in Dunedin studying I think I will flag the artic water. Definitely wish there was indoor rock climbing place in Dunedin.

Surprisingly so many people who have dogs dont walk them enuf so props for getting out their and keeping the both of you healthy

oh i figure if you have an animal then you owe it to them to give them a good lifestyle, we live near the beach so head down there too on my days off for a massive walk/play/swim.

Also a tired dog is a well behaved dog, specially when they are a pup ahah


Mine would have to be swimming. I love the solitude and single mindedness, the personal little bubble of space, all mine in a crowded pool...

yeah the solitude is even more amped in the ocean where your joined mostly by sealife and birds.


Ever since I started going to the gym I've always been a gym buff. Seeing the chances in my body is just really encouraging. I'm more into my heavy lifting then anything else since that yields the most visible results.

Ever thought about doing some power work? theres a reason sprinters and Running backs in the NFL are ripped

I have heard from many sources that High intensity interval training is the best way to burn body fat while maintaining muscle size and strength. HIIT can be done down your road by simply running between power poles. Sprint one, walk one.. rinse and repeat.


I used to enjoy running, as long as my body would take me without failure. Now my knees hurt after about 4 km so I have started doing full body workouts at the gym instead.


I'm determined to take up kite surfing this summer. I'm already a keen paraglider but don't have as much time these days so I'm looking to get into something a little more local than a mountain.


Yeah fitness is a pain in the ass I've got to be doing something which takes my mind off the pain... the magic trick for me was throwing on a pair of headphones when I was out riding my bike - just kept going nearly 21km's going! and since then it's just plug and play best feeling in the world finishing up each ride... well best feeling in the world is probably a bit OTT but feels fkn good knowing the justice you've just done for yourself.

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