Discussing :: what would the world be like , with out the web?...


what would the world be like , with out the web?...

world of paper and pen...


Kinda a lot like the early 90s?


How the hell did we exist without Google?? I wouldn't be able to find a damn thing!

It's hard to remember, but I guess if we wanted to know something we'd... what? Call someone who might know? Um... go to the library? I don't remember ever wanting to know something badly enough that I did that though. I'm studying at the moment and I can't even IMAGINE trying to do it without the internet, online journals, library catalogues online, amazon/bookdepository, facebook... Okay, to be honest, I might actually get more done without facebook...

Isn't it weird, it's not exactly as if the internet came along THAT long ago. I was an adult, yet I can't for the life of me remember how I used to find stuff out before google. Well, actually I used a search engine called Ask Jeeves. Anyone remember that?

Yeah, I didn't use that much. I used Altavista, dogpile, excite, lycos, yahoo... and before that I was on AOL for several years. I've been on the internet since I was about 20, and I guess before that I didn't really need/desire as much information as I did now, since I left school after 6th form.

Dogpile, blimey that takes me back!


Whoa.... no itunes... serious shit man.


like this http://www.getfrank.co.nz/uploads/forum-posts/184081bc9558c75230234812c926d2a56ecde196.jpg


Now that IS cool! I'm trying to tie it back in with the thread and not having much luck to be honest, but who gives a stool, that's a great pic.


We would actually have to talk to each other....lol...nah like Jason I would be loss with out Google, Itunes, and embarrassingly Face book. I'd also miss the countless hours of roaming the net for no apparent reason....

What a horrific thought... actually talking? With each other??

...lmao...I suppose we could do some kind of interpretive dance perhaps...or some facial gestures or hand signals.....just so we can ease into more formal communications......since we have been digitised for to long and will have to wean ourselves from it all....


A world without the internet would be like... The world. Except you couldn't laugh at your mates pictures of him drunk at the bar on a Thursday night. Oh, and you wouldn't be an endless pit of knowledge.

That's the part that gets me. I can't even remember how I used to find out things I wanted to know.

Google, my dear friends, is the fountain of modern knowledge. It's a replacement for encyclopedias.

Also a replacement for memory. You don't have to commit so much to memory when you can just look it up again. But then, we probably have more to remember. I read somewhere recently that 100 years ago people would know about the same amount of information that's in the New York Times weekend edition, in their whole lives. Don't quote me on those exact details, but that was the gist of it.


the only problem with the net is you need to know what you're trying to find (to a certain degree)....when you flick open a book you seem to stumble across things more randomly and thats what makes it abit more surprising and interesting imho

Don't you stumble across more things now with the web? I know I do. Maybe it's because I study, but I look up one article, which leads to another, and another, on different and varied topics. And the same with videos, you stumble across a TED video, and then spend the afternoon watching other awesome TED talks. I could happily spend days on the internet learning and discovering. Actually, that kinda is what I do...

That's exactly how I spend most of my time online. Love the web.

Yep I agree +marked+ you have to know what you are looking for because though the net and I are good mates I have found myself roaming onto random useless information sites...which can be a buggar if you a looking for something specific but you find the site you have landed on has an article that catches your eye and then before you know it you have visited countless sites and none of them have anything to do with what you were looking for in the first place....


TED Talks are fantastic. I watched quite a few when I was doing a paper on New Media and the Development of the Modern World through Technology. I recently finished a paper on Cinema, and the internet was the best tool, because it offered references to journals, books etc. that I could then go and read, which offered a huge range of sources which my lecturer appreciated. In fact, he was so impressed, that he wants to put it in an international journal that he is an editor of...

Nice work. I'm also a huge fan of the TED series of talks, and I lose count of the amount of times I use Google during the course of a day. It must be at least 20, probably more. I'm guessing that's why I'm known as the king of useless information.

SlideXII, what are you studying, and where? I'm at Waikato, doing a PhD about film marketing and distribution. Just sat on a panel with a bunch of filmmakers including Costa Botes. Sweeet! :)

I'm at Unitec studing a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts. It's a really hands on degree, with some amazing lecturers. Dr. Scott Wilson is the most amazing teacher and mentor you could possibly imagine. The guy did his PhD riffing on his favourite director, analysing his work with the theories of some philosopher, simliar to Freud.

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