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Holy Cow, this holidays really made me fat and over weight, with all the delicious food with the good company of friends... and it is almost eating cow, hehehe.... so come 2013... have to go on a strict discipline fitness regime... start with walking and running and there goes the gym and the lap swimming... help me attain the goal.... Happy New Year everyone!!!


To get down to a 92/95 waist and 95 kg or there abouts. I find that when I loose weight (I'm about 104 kg now) my snoring and sleep apnea disappear. I feel a lot "looser" and am more active. My moobs and love handles should look after themselves if I do things right. Less crap in me gob and more time excercising. Been there before and will do it again!


My fitness goal is to start a basic powerlifting routine (Squats, Deadlifts, Push Press etc) As well as running and eating healther. I have already started on the eating part with my lunchbox filled with more fruits then i have ever had before and a good intake of water.. Next is committing to a running routine to get my cardio levels up and finding and then starting on a balanced lifting schedule... Not looking for size or muscles, just a good level of fitness..


To get up Mt Maunganui (Mauao) in twenty minutes. Getting there slowly!! It's a great climb and awesome to live nearby. Would highly recommend it if you come to Tauranga ;)


To complete the tough mudder challenge in Auckland next year (late April). It's intense!


My fitness goal is to be able to stay healthy not only for my partner and my children but more importantly for my grandchildren - now that I am nearing 50 I find it harder to shed those extra few kilos but I will persist and now my partner and I are both actively trying


i'll be happy to shed a few pounds and tone up for the summer. maybe try a few workout regimes. eat a little bit more healthier, and cut back on the beers.


To finally stick to it and see it through.


my goal is pre baby weight which was approx 55kg. i was 70kg at heaviest and now hover round 62kg but can't seem to get motivated to loose the rest


To get out there walking

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