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My fitness goal is to loose 10-15 kg for health reasons. Have let the weight go on for so long, time to make a serious effort. No fad diets. Just normal food but i think the portion size will have to be cut


I want to gradually run 6km in a reasonable time. I have only just began and have a joint damage so am getting it gradually and developing up. No better way to really experience unsuitable than to begin running!


The key to success in life in general is your attitude and a willingness to change. My favorite quote is “you can change the world as much as you can change yourself.”


1) Drink more water & less coffee. 2) Eat healthily. :))


I had a friend who was veg... , non-alcoholic and always Eat healthily. He loved to workout in the gym and he was not a 'gay' he had a serious .. girl-friend. But he died in road accident, some idiot hit him. He was around 27years old. The moral of the story is he live the best, eat the best but shit happens thats life. So go out and get the best before you die and make some goals!


my fitness has slipped a bit in the last two weeks since my brother who I haven't seen in five years has returned from Brazil with his family for the holidays all we have been doing is eating, chatting and having the occasional drink okay more than the occasional drink but it is the silly season will just have to work extra hard after the new year


marathon has to be done


My goal for this coming year is to lose 20 kilos. i am going to start walking every day and eat more healthy salads etc.


Well it sure is great to join a thread that wasn't started or plagued by 'cut and paste guy.' My fitness goal would be not to just lose some weight but get some hardness back in the body. I've started mountain biking but had a crash. So for Christmas this year I'm moving rather slow.


No so much fitness, but health. I want to eat way less processed foods. More fruit and veges etc. Organic food at the supermarket is so expensive, but I have a great garden going out in the back yard at the moment and I don't use sprays etc. I think we bombard our bodies with too many chemicals these days, I am determined to cut this out as much as I can.

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