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What is your fitness goal?

Hey getfrank team, what is your fitness goal that you personally want to achieve? My personal goal is to reach 70kg and have less than 10% body fat. When I left school at 17 I weighed in at only 58kg, I'm currently 20 and am now at 66kg so not too much more to go now!


To up my upper body strength, spending so long stuck in an office i really need to take in some weights to lift whilst sitting on my butt going through invoices.


at work theres a group of us doing the 100 push up challenge. 100 push ups in one go. each month we write up how many we can do in one go and you always have to progress each month or you owe the rest of the group a peanut slab.


My goal is to lose 35 kg, and be able to run like I was 2 years ago. Every night for 45 mins to an hour!


To get down to 100 kgs or under. But I think I've put back on the 11 kgs I'd lost at the start of this year. Damn you winter!!! Lol.


Im still pretty fit despite me being a little overweight, im 92 kg, i want to get down to at least 85kg.


To fully develop a set of defined abs, well on the way there as I do boxing as a regime for exercise


I want to eventually run 6km in a decent time. I have only just started and have a knee injury so am taking it slowly and building up. No better way to feel totally unfit than to start running!


trim up the mono ab, not really a fitness goal more of a diet one


.....to be consistent in keeping my health and fitness up....and trying not to slack off, as long as I stick to that then I will be happy.....

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