Discussing :: What is it with all these fad diets


Simple; eat less, exercise more....


Has anyone else read That Sugar Film? Make any difference to your diet?


Moderation is the key; so drink, smoke, eat takeaways & junk food and anything else in moderation with the good food - meat, fruit, veges, etc.


I have just started a o carbs diet. Not too hard to follow and the weight is coming off but I have a fearsome craving for bread and crackers :)


Organic whole foods is the way to go.


After nearly 50 years on this planet, I still reckon dieting is crazy even though I try them briefly before the 'see food' imperative kicks in. Have to drink enough water every day rather than any particular food


Fad diets are fine for short term weight loss. But normally end up yo yo ing and the weight goes on again.


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