Discussing :: What is it with all these fad diets


I skip breakfast most days as I never feel like breakfast when I first get up and then I leave for work before I feel like it


There will always be fad diets while so many of us want to or need to lose weight "quickly". Some of them are rubbish, some are helpful to give someone a kick start but ultimately we all know deep down that there's no quick fix....just as the One who Knocks posted. Unfortunately there's a lot of money to be made from people wanting lose weight quickly and supposedly easily.


Because everyone wants to look good physically they believe the fad diet will give them what they want quickly and easily. And if there is money to be made the fad diet will be promoted / marketed heavily on tv and radio and endorsed by famous people.


I've gone old-school slow-cooking comfort food and my belly is very happy but my trousers are not. I can't keep up with the fads so going back to the future with the poor peasant routine.


a lot at the moment, my friend did the Dukin diet, lost an amazing amount of weight, but put it all back on, want to lose weight, exercise and smaller healthier portions!


There is so many diets out there and i have tried most of them with no luck. Dieting is a mindset and if you are not in the right frame of mind nothing will work. unfortunately there is no miracle way of losing weight. Eat less and exercise more is the only way , boring i know. I think the best way is to be doing it with someone else for support. Weight watchers is great but but cost is an issue for people as with all the others.


I think that to lose weight it is just a matter of eating healthy and exercising. Some of these diets are not good for you.


The medical food pyramid is upside down people.
To lose weight we should be eating natural food only, if it has eyes or grows in the ground that's what we should be eating. NO processed food.
Exercise should be in short bursts, no more slogging out those long kilometres (stick to interval training). Try power walking up stairs and really push yourself to exhaustion. It's a cheap form of exercise that really works, you don't need to go to a gym for that.....

Other tips that will really help:
1. Eat a high-protein breakfast (that means No toast)
2. No sugary drinks or fruit juice
3. Drink water a half hour before meals
4. Eat your food slowly, chew well between mouthfuls.

No more cereals they are loaded with sugar.
Stop eating bread glucose will not help you lose weight.
Enjoy potatoes in moderate quantities and be careful of how you eat them. If you want to lose weight stop eating them.
Don't skip meals your body needs routine.
Eat fat to lose fat, YES that's right.



I agree fad diets are never going to work.
Eat anything you like just do it in moderation.
I always look at the palm of my hand & remind myself that it's the size of my stomach.
It's very hard sometimes, and I wish my hands were bigger a lot of the time, but eventually with the aid of a few glasses of water the hunger pangs do go away!


I have always found, its not so much of what you eat but more so of how much you eat


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