Discussing :: What do you take for lunch - different in winter to summer .. is it heathly? Ideas ..


What do you take for lunch - different in winter to summer .. is it heathly? Ideas ..

I like to take leftovers from home cooked dinners ... (like spaghetti bol. or mince with tacos or pasta and vegies). I just don't eat all of my dinner and save it for the next day that way you don't eat such large meals :-)


For summer I'd suggest home-made lettuce salead, add celery, tomatoes, avocardo, capiscum, then add cold meat or cheese or canned tuna. For Winter, nothiong wrong with last nights left overs, or I like the 2min heat & eat rice and add tin of tuna or sweetcorn

A salad Mike, come on buddy...nothing manly bout a lettuce and tomato and cucumber and you-left-your-balls-at-home salad...We're s'posed to be men here, discussing manly things..

How about a 'Bloke's Salad' then.

Firstly it needs some kind of meat in it, and I don't mean a pussy can of tunafish. Something like chargrilled sirloin, or wild boar will do. Everything is better with pickle, so slap a few of those babies on there. More protein, so boil some eggs. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, keeps the blood pumping to all of the important bits, like our biceps and deltoids.

Toss together and apply lubrication, also known as salad dressing. To dress this male-slaw, a combination of balsamic/lemon juice/testosterone decanoate.

Serve on a hubcap and eat with needle nose pliers.

Bloke's Salad. Done.


I would love to take my wife to lunch - would make me very healthy - winter or summer that would warm me up


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