Discussing :: what are you allergic to?


what are you allergic to?

There seems to be lots of people around me with allergies these days so I'm just wondering what kind of allergies you have.

Im So So So allergic to pollen and grasses, over summer my hayfever goes nuts. I am taking pills for it which bearly work. Wish they could come up with something that gets rid of it. So many people have it!


None thankfully, but yeah, it definitely feels like there are more allergies now. Or is it just we are more aware of them?


None now , but for some reason when i was a kid i was allergic to bee stings i would welt up all over from them.


I am allergic to Penuts, i try my 'Best' to keep away from them.


Medically its Morphine & recently Augmentin; Food its anything to do with Milk products - Yoghurt, cream, milk from a bottle..I am trying my best to keep out of the way of these but with Christmas approaching


Thankfully I don't have any I know several people around me who are allergic to eggs and peanuts.


None that I know of but I'm interested in any tests others may know of which might help me 'join the club' ;)


Pollen at this time of year is a big one for me lots of ant histamines to hold off symptoms


I bought Otrivin for "Hayfever", wow, sad mistake, kept on blocking up, til I got my next spray. So down the chemist I ran told the kind lady and she put me on "butacort 50". Two sprays and it was all gone, 1 month later I spray once a fortnight when I get a sneezing fit. Thank-you kind lady at the chemist ♥


Gherkins, yep they set me off. Face, neck, arms full of scarlet, these blobs don't just sit there they're actually transient. I'm weeing myself now, it's true, they move around, I look foolish I can't help myself, see a gherkin, neck it, nek minnit not even a bit of Red Leicester can sort it out. Gangnam Gherkin's :)

that sounds like the rash that I have little itchy bites only comes on early summer been thinking its tomatoes or strawberries causing it. Doctor prescibed a scabies ointment which I have to rub into my whole body except face and head. Cant tell you the results yet as I only started tismorning.


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