Discussing :: What are the best AB workouts after having children.


What are the best AB workouts after having children.

I have three beautiful children that i had all very close together so my tummy did not have much time to recover, would love to get some helpful on advice to getting it some what back to how it was before please.


Women who had healthy deliveries with no complications can begin to exercise their abdominal muscles as soon as a few days after pregnancyand plates focus on strengthening your core muscles. These aren't only the classic six pack a muscles, but the abdominal muscles deep in your body. Simple stretches and easy movements can be modified for healing bodies while still toning and flexing the abdominal musclesabdominal muscles help carry you through your day and make lifting your new baby and holding him for long periods of time a simpler task.


I'm still having trouble with this one. Big babies. Never again!!

I'd suggest asking your question over on GetFrank's sister site chelsey.co.nz. I'm sure there'll be a lot of women with great advice!


I've seen a ton of women who have had success with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD after having kids.. worth a go?


Hit the pool do lengths, I didn't have the luxury of a pool when I had my 4.3kg son (50kg Mum)
I cycled 6kms every morning whilst Dad was in charge (it was really hard especially the sitting bit)
Don't get hung up on what is best, your body lets you know but if you have access to a pool get in there.
Your AB's don't even know they're working.
Good Luck


Yoga activity is much better in this case as it involves small exercises that are useful to burn a lot of calories ...


Some good advice here, have to go an tell my partner as our baby is 6 months and she wants to tone up to how she was

oooh, Doug . . . . best to be Very careful how you word That, otherwise you make scratch the chance of you two having Any more children . . .


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