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Ups And down for Subway

Thumbs up for subway; -Heathly takeway -Fulls you up -Cheap sub $4.90 -You can have a sub,wrap or a salad -Loads of choice -Friendly Workers -Nice envorment -Clean and Tidy -Baked Fresh -Yummy Cookies and smoothies -You can buy yoghurt there Thumbs Down; -None i know of :)


Viinabaybee, after reading your comment you must work for Subway because you are giving me a footlong (bada boom!)


...love subbies always have....and is my pick if we have take out.....so for me subbies is always on the up!


Not every Subway has friendly workers. I got served the other day by a 'sandwich artist' who seemed like he lost the will to live! I wanted to tell him he could just get it over with using a bread knife but I decided against it.

...most food services theres always one that has issues...as long as it's not with you, after all they are preparing your food....


Subway fact. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with 35,519 restaurants in 98 countries and territories as of October 25th, 2011. This sums it all up!!!

Yes :)


who would have thought it would do so well - healthy fast food - seemed like a bit of contradiction - but man is it good


@ Barnes, No i dont work there lol, i go there once every 2 weeks beacuse its delious. :) Thank you for reading this topic :)


If you ever get the chance and go to America, try Quizno's - 10x better than Subway. And I love subway!


Thank you guys i won a subcard loaded with $50 :) I love u guys, u made my xmas :)

...congrats subbies is great.....enjoy...


Read DeeDees comment on the latest discussions panel and thought it was a post about 'stubbies" - hubbies favourite weekend gear. Are any of of you guys 'stubbies' fans? All I can say is thank heavens they are getting more and more difficult to buy nowadays as I loathe them!

..yeah nah sorry I mean Subbies short version of subway as is Maccas for Mcdonalds....and pass on the stubbies.....lol


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