Discussing :: TO MEAT OR NOT MEAT?


Too meat!! Don't get how vegetarians can go without. -_-


can't imagine a life without meat!


My daughter has gone vegan-the rest of the family haven't followed her but we certainly buy less meat than we did.


i envy vegans only because I could never ever be one... how can you NOT eat meat ? your not normal if you dont...


Meat plays a big part in my diet. Can't live without it.


Red meat is an awesome source of Iron, and your absorption rate is much greater than what you get from spinach or anything like that, its a no brainer really. Plus its freaking awesome! lol


we got to keep eating otherwise we will be mobbed by sheep.so do your bit for mankind and bbq one today


I love all meat, steak, chicken, pork, lamb, yum


My son is a vegan and I love their foods but loads are difficult for me to eat cos I have Crohns disease - where as meat has no effect on me at all - so I am definitely a carnivore - but the PRICE these days!!! Sucks eh?


As I've just stated in my new topic, just seems that some people thrive better on a more meaty diet and others dont? still clueless as to why exactly, just know i dont seem to get the energy burst eating only veg,fruit, nuts and grain, buggered if i know why, just dont argue with it, lol

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