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I love meat as well but since getting older means healthier eating habits, i eat fish, chicken, pork, seafoods, beef on a rotation basis and of course, with a good serving of veggies to balance it out.


I've was a vegetarian for over 10 years ( I know eat fish about once a week) and when I look around my meat eating friends I'm definitely healther then a lot of them and the lack of meat in my diet doesn't effect training or my half-marathon results. I got nothing against meat eating but it's not for me and I feel healthier for avoiding it


I could never give up meat. I having a hunting family so venison is always in the freezer. Can't beat a good venison steak.


I love animals, they taste great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


to meat for sure. no doubt . i need to have meat or else


love meat, I need to eat meat at least every other day, need my protein as I'm working out a lot and I just miss it if I don't have any for a day or two... I could never go vegetarian, not to mention vegan, brrrr


You cant beat a thick New York cut Steak on the BBQ in summer!


I had a scotch fillet steak last night at my work function at some fancy restuarant. It was magnificent! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Steak....................................


Please to Meat you, with Meat to please you (YEAH RIGHT!)

I beat you say that to all the girls LMAO! I hope you have better game than that Prettyboy!


I have found that I am a lot healthier not eating red meat. I eat the occasional monthly pork roast & sometimes I will try the red meat again but dare i say it when I do it gives me the ...... is that because I havn't been eating it?? the reason i stopped or we as a family stopped was because is it meat nowadays or is it just fat. I have not seen a good piece of meat in a long while & everyday I look in the meat section of the supermarket it just confirms why I have gone off it. as well as the price of course. it is more expensive than salmon & we like salmon & prawns so it's the healthier option for us. we have even gone for the organic chicken as again the taste & the fat on normal chicken for us is yuck & you can taste the difference in organic & if you shop around it's just as cheap as the normal chicken or cheaper sometimes which I found surprising. I am definately not vegan or a vegetarian but it looks like i'm getting pushed that way but please don't give me tofu. if the question was to tofu or not tofu I definately know my answer to that one. NO

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