Discussing :: TO MEAT OR NOT MEAT?



I Myself love nothing better than a nice Juicy Steak!


I completely agree with the idea of not eating meat - of not killing something to eat when i can survive quite well without it..HOWEVER...it just tastes so darn gooooooood...


Its all about survival... How many vegetarians LOOK STRONG AND HEALTHY? although there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian as its not so much survival of the fittest like back in the cavemen days. I don't really like the smell of meat . Being brought up on a farm alot of animals were my friends and wondered what happened to them when they one day dissapeared but YUMMO whats this on my plate??? Thank goodness my parents never told me the truth haha.. def need meat I think to sustain a healthy diet./.


I Agree I love my meat esp bacon...But my daughter is a Vegetarian so we do have Vegetarian nights...and it's not to bad going without meat a few times a week.....


I can easily go without meat but my girlfriend starts to stress if we don't have any meat for dinner. Uncooked meat grosses me out and I'm not even really a fan of meat that looks like meat once its been cooked, bones and pink bits put me off. That said, I love a good burger.


I think meat free mondays are a great idea - it's surprising what you can make without it and it's cheaper and probably healthier for you as well.


I love my steak...not so good for the digestive tract though, up to 48hrs to digest.


....gosh growing up as kids, we always had meat with our dinner meals....I've noticed now as an adult I would have meat maybe one to two nights a week, and if I didn't have meat within a week, it didn't worry me.....not knocking meat because I love a great filet mignon....its more that I probably don't think about it more than anything else....when I am preparing food....


I love meat and we usually have a meat or fish meal every day. My family don't seem to like the idea of a "meatless" meal.


i love my steak i think eating meat is good because its so hard to get iron naturally from other foods


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