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My tips to keeping slim is pretty simple & we eat what we like. We have breakfast, sometimes skip lunch & have dinner about 4.30pm. That means we can have dessert if we feel like it, at about 6pm. All digested by bedtime, and no hunger pangs, it works for us! (We aren't exercise fanatics either)


I find if I stop shovelling shit down my gob, then that works a treat.


It is really simple. Burn more calories than you consume. Eat healthy, cut down on takeaways. Not rocket science.


A guy I know has just stopped eating bananas as he says they are one of the highest carb foods you can eat. How ridiculous is that! They taste good, are a good source of Vitamins B & C and yet he's decided because they have the words sugar and carbs also in their nutritional makeup then they are bad for him.


I'm testing Coconut Oil at the moment (not the oil for the skin but the cooking one) add 1 teaspoon twice a day to a green tea (and have at least 5 of those each day). I haven't changed any of my eating habits but I seem to be losing around 1-1.5kgs per week. Also, it is great for my skin, seems to have cleared up my eczema (just little patches).

coconut oil is great I have some with salad or in green tea too. I also like having honey in my green tea and I find it helps a lot with me especially when I am tempted by decadent food. that's good to hear that it helps with your skin too coconut oil does wonders for the skin and is soothing


I work a lot with computers and did find it hard to not just sit in front of a screen all day with snacks and food and arms length. I always have to push myself to get moving around the room when I am at the office because you can get relaxed in that type of environment so to maintain what I consider a healthy weight for me I changed a lot of things, like the way I get to and from the office, taking the stairs now instead of the lift, making sure I have good snacks at arms length and going away from my desk when ever I can, the major thing for me though is a regular exercise routine, had to change my mind set in order to remain healthy so find what suits you best, including food, explore what you enjoy in the way of moving your body and exercise and incorporate it into your everyday life it took me a while to stick with it but it has done me the world of good and I am happier and healthier because of it good luck


Exercise more, eat less - it really is as simple as that.


And don't waste time with pills that say they can burn tummy fat and you will lose several kilograms a week. They are rubbish. The only way is to eat a healthy well balanced diet and exercise...now if I could just take my own advice......


drink plenty of water, and snack/ graze throughout the day instead of big meals. be sensible with what you are putting into your body. Proteins and less carbs.


My partners, 8 year old nephew could all hear us having a conversation about exercising and eating healthy and we got onto the subject about how hard it is to maintain a health weight with busy schedules and remaining slim is hard it was quiet a serious conversation, his 8 year old nephew sat up in his chair, crossed his arms across his chest and said in a loud voice if you want to remain slim, sew your mouth shut, my partner and I laughed our heads off, because for an 8 year old there was definitely some sense per se in what he said the others just looked at him with a stern expression and he mumbled after seeing them well I'm right aren't I lol you have to love kids they tell it like it is

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