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Tips to Remain Slim

Being healthy and looking attractive you have to make a strong nutritional base. Make some realistic goals and be consistent. Eat clean and healthy diet. Never skip any group of nutrition. Avoid eating junk foods, they produce problems for you. Drink plenty of water glasses. Minimize the intake of sugar and caffeine. Do proper physical workout with focus training. Tacoma fitness


Eat regularly and eat a variety of foods. The only time i have gained weight has been the times when i have skipped meals and then gouged myself silly later.


Small regular meals, an exercise program with plenty of determination will help you remain slim. Set your goal and stick to the program. Half the problem for most people is in the mind, show others how disciplined you are!


keep of the fast food, and drink lots of water


Fast pace walking,Running and cutting down on the fats.Eating the right balanced diet..does it for me.


I like doing some high rep weight classes alongside other exercise. Slim = toned. It's a good mix of toning and cardio.


I have been cutting out animal fats due to higher than I'd like cholesterol and have really noticed a difference to my waist line. I drink trim milk now (wonders really never cease) and am cutting back on cheese, eggs and red meat. I'm sure my heart is happy with me!


Seriously cut down on your drinking, eat smaller portion sizes of food, get some exercise, simple!


I've found reducing my bread, potato and rice intake has made a considerable difference.


Definitely less carbs and less beer but that's no fun

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