Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Spread the load & responsibilty-secret Santa so you only have to buy for one person, everyone bring a plate for Christmas lunch or dinner, buy & wrap presents throughout the year...


We went from having like 12 family members to buy for and now we draw names from a hat and each buy for a adult. Still buy individually for the kids, the numbers are getting up there now but they are the ones who really get the thrill out of there presents. The food list is organised and we all contribute to that. Often those in the kitchen preparing the meal can sit down when it is time for the dishes to be done. We chill out and eat mainly but often take a trip to the beach so the kids can swim.


don't think about xmas till Dec 10 on that day make a list that weekend go get the goods.


shop on boxing day for the following xmas and have an xmas meal at a restaurant


I don't know why we humans have to make what is meant to be a peaceful time spent with family so stressful, why do we do it? well we have stopped all that we now celebrate our xmas one week before the actual day, we started this so my son could spend xmas day with his fiancees family and children, they have two young ones and they love to see them open their pressies, it works great for us, we don't have the stressful supermarket shopping and beat the crowds, we still have the wonderful family get together and when xmas day comes i think of everyone else running around making xmas dinner and i can smile and relax and read my book.


Don't leave your gift buying till the last minute. I start getting mine in the winter sales!!!


take a step back and some deep breaths certainly help, try not to spend over and above your budget as this is a big factor of stress


I like doing most of my 'pre-shopping' online and through the catalogues - ie work out what I want to get each person and get it at a good price before I head out the door to pick it up. Unfortunately the guys who delivers my catalogues has stopped so I am resorting to looking them up online.


I gave up the last minute race around to sort out Christmas. Pressie shopping is started about June and finished well before the carparks become impossible. The big day is planned so that most of "Christmas" is over by early afternoon then the afternoon is set aside for putting one's feet up with a nice beer or cider.


Planning ahead is important. I've always made sure everything is done well ahead of time. The relaxation of getting everything done works every time. :D


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