Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Being organised and lists help to make christmas less stressful for me.


Spend less. Enough said.


xmas is not about $, food, presents and boozing. It is about family and friends


Its starts every year around late October early November..........the Xmas stress.........what presents to buy...where to get one from at the cheapest rate..........will they like the present..etc...........wait a minute.........xmas is about friends & family...spending time with the ones we love & enjoy time spent around....nowadays it seem like the spirit of xmas has been lost to material things like presents etc........stop......take a step back....relax.......friends & family...thats what counts at xmas...


Shop early, set yourself a budget, make a list of who to buy for! Dont worry about :)


think about who you are buying for and what they would use [or play with] then choose a gift that might be more expensive, buy that and give only one gift per person instead of buying lots of smaller and cheaper gifts for each which will not be enjoyed,also this stops the stress of shopping all over town.


Why does Christmas need to be several weeks of shopping hell and driven so hard by the retailers. Instead why not just be with friends and family. "A hug is the perfect gift" one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it or give it away. So may your Christmas be like Santa Claus - fat, jolly and stress free.


Christmas always has the tendency to stress people out. our lives are so hectic that its easy to stress out about things like shopping and finding the right gifts. Shopping centres are a nightmare, the roads are chaos, people are anxious and jittery because of the whole atmosphere and the expectations people place on themselves.. It is a mad time of year, But the summer months that follow is like cream on pavlova. So Good..


I think buying online has a lot of advantages - time saving being a big one but also lots of bargains, no stressful queues and rude people in shops to deal with (other customers as well as staff), no parking hassles and no endless Christmas carols in shops.


Christmas songs in the stores are always irritating.


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