Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Start buying your Christmas Presents early. There are plenty of sales so you can get a good deal and then avoid all the crowds doing their last min panic shopping!


Give gift cards so they can hit the boxing day sales for their gifts and save big.


Plan your meal ahead and start buying things while they are on special. Get food that is easy to prepare so you are not slaving in the kitchen. If you are having family over let everyone be in charge of bringing something or all go eat out at a buffet restaurant. That way everyone can get what they want and it doesn't have to work out any more expensive if you don't need to do a big Christmas shop.


Xmas stress is something I've had enough of ,we now celebrate our day a few days before Xmas,and it's great,no crowds at the supermarket,we keep it low key,salads and cold meats, a hot chicken from the supermarket and this year we are having a Wendy's ice cream cake for dessert all buffet style ,keeping the preparation to a minimum,so when Xmas day falls we shall just be relaxing .


Everything in moderation I say, be sensible during the holidays :)


Don't have Christmas, that's what I do. I used to find Christmas quite depressing for some reason, probably lots of reasons when you add them all up, and we know what they are. But now it's no presents, no big feed, no christmas tree and decorations and no STRESS. Really, and my kids moan a bit about it but we can handle it, I just give them gifts at other times during the year when I can afford it. Christmas is a nice holiday for us, relaxing, no worries. A couple of years ago we had KFC for Christmas Dinner, yes KFC WAS OPEN! How handy is that for people who can't be bothered cooking.


Shop early and have dinner at someone else's.


chill out with some nice relaxing meditation cd's. take some time out for just you. give yourself some me time. plenty of rest. take a nana nap if you are feeling tired during the day. drinking and eating - do not make a pig of yourself / moderation is the best plan. BBQ cooking outside is also a good idea. who want's to be slaving over a hot oven on a warm summers day. take a deep breath, be thankful. this is a wonderful gift, this thing called life.


My best advice to reduce stress over Christmas is to pretend it's January 25 and Christmas has been over for a whole month. Once your rellies and friends demand to know where their presents are you have it covered, It's January 11 whole months to xmas.


Time spent with family is what is most important...not the having or buying of 'things'. Focus on what is important.


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