Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Just buy for one or two family members - divvy up the number of people to give to


This year has gone quick, we're talking about Christmas again already. Our family will have a potluck type of meal so noone is left doing it all and only buying small presents to keep the cost down, who needs stress at holiday time


I make a Christmas cake and mince for mince pies each year, i start shopping for ingredients in September then i feel I'm under way, here's how i try and do stress less. Firstly budget, know how much you have to spend in total,Write a list of food you want/need, i start in January by buying one thing a week if i can for the next year, paper, cards gift sets etc, i also start putting all silver coins in my purse at the end of the week in a jar, i leave that till December (i have been known to remove a few sometimes) but as a rule it stays there, that buys veg fresh cream last minute things etc, but small things if you need to when you see A bargain, don't forget the 4 year old dora fan might be more into brats dolls by next Christmas, match a person to the gift, better then getting them back as your gift next year, i make a lot of gifts, from cake mixes in a jar to things i know certain people like getting,if you have A family to buy for think about a family pass to a zoo or event, put $1 away when you can towards it. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell your family and your children if money's tight, the children will thank you in later years for being honest with them and learnt their respect.think about a picnic, everyone brings something for the table, put everyone's name in a hat and all choose 1 name to gift too. Decorate where you hold the picnic, we had an evening one last year , was a lovely relaxed event, so deep breath, plan early, enjoy the build up to it as well.enjoy the season. Don't begger yourself for it. Merry Christmas


Lots of lots of lists! Lists of presents you need to buy and any ideas you have for them. Lists of food and drink you need to get in (and any recipes you want to use/try). Lists of jobs that need doing around the house (and allocate weekends to do them leading up to Christmas) and start your social calendar now so you know where you have to be. good luck!


Sleep and more sleep!!


Simple...time out...less work with a positive mind and attitude. Guys don't leave your shopping till last minute...lol!


Well I wont be home for xmas this year so probably be spending it by myself or with a few other travellers so no stress for me this year.


Do your xmas shopping sooner rather than late


Don't do it - = stress free :). Tips if you can't avoid: - mingle with like-minded xmas dudes and dudettes - remember to focus on activities other than presents - try share duties and chores - can be a good chance to team-build in the family or with cousins


Sharing laughter helps people realize that the most important part of the Christmas Holiday is the gift of being together, not fighting. Why is Santa a man? Because no woman would wear the same outfit year after year.

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