Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Start your Christmas shopping early and spread it out through the year. That way you can take advantage of any sales going on.


Avoid going to shopping malls


I agree with animallover. If you can find ideal gifts to buy throughout the year rather than leaving it all until the last minute, as many men seem to do. Then you can take it easy and enjoy the festive break.


I reduce the stress of gift buying by doing gift cards. Simple and easy,load em up and then they can choose what they want,you know your hard earned moolah is spent well,plus they can get more bang for their buck through the boxing day sales madness,which in turn.....doesnt stress ME out haha


listen to some meditation CD's. go for a brisk morning walk. enjoy the outdoors - after all it is summer, and that never lasts forever. maybe take in a sporting event like cricket or speedway. take a deep breath, relax. take another deep breath. there you go. just think you'll be back to the slog of working in no time.


I have made a deal, that if I get anything electronic, or new gadgetry, that I won't even attempt to operate it on Christmas day. That one rule made a world of difference this last Christmas, and we all had a very enjoyable day.


I personally think if you get yourself organised at the beginning of the year this eliminates stress at Christmas, we layby Christmas presents from January....we put money on a Pak N Save Card each week so we have a big amount by December to pay for all the Christmas Day and Holiday food. Seriously this helps so much and we have no debt doing it this way. As for actual stress on the day or family dramas - just chill out and be thankful for the things you have and live by my motto - I don't do drama!


Relax, make a list of who you need to buy for, get bargains before the xmas madness


there will ALWAYS be sales....dont leave it til the last minute...trust me the best ones are before xmas..LABOUR DAY>.the time is now!


I'm going to start buying one present a week so I don't have to do it all in one go. I can't stand malls at the best of times so online shopping is the best option for me.


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