Discussing :: Tips to reduce stress during christmas


Exercise is the best way to beat the stress. I am doing yoga exercise to reduce my stress and depression and I got a lot of help from yoga workout in this regard. You should also try yoga exercise because it is most recommended treatment to beat the stress and depression.


STart shopping as soon as the BER-month comes for presents. BBQ gathering is the simplest to do. Go hear mass with family and friends for the authentic Christmas-feeling.


I think the best way to reduce stress during Christmas is to first of all share the shopping out between you and your partner, get them to do their side of the family and you do yours. This way there less chance of you forgetting someone and the jobs are shared out and you have less to worry about.Secondly you should start your christmas shopping earlier in the year, around september. This way you don't have a bulk amount to do at once and ther are usually sales around this time and you can pick up some bargains.


We shop through the year to get presents, often on sale. Make note when friends and family say, "I want this" or "I need that" and they'll be super impressed you remembered when you're really just doing it to make it easier on yourself. Any staple or shelf safe products that go into Xssy dinner that you can chuck in a box in the cupboard or garage buy as early as September so that when it comes time to meet the elbowing old ladies at the supermarket you can get in and out quickly with far less hassles. Ordering meat products early through the supermarket saves missing out or having to buy that last giant overpriced turkey too.


I start buying Christmas presents around mid year....that way I can spread the pain (I mean payments!!!) and lower the stress levels once Christmas time arrives!!


Buy thru out the year, when sales are on.......especially little things for kids stockings.......and by the time xmas comes you will be all sorted. We had all our xmas shopping done by last month following this plan and we also put money on a supermarket xmas club card every week - even if its only 5 dollars some weeks it all mounts up and by the end of the year the xmas meal money is there for you.


Prepare early - buy stuff when in the sales and plan ahead.


Start buying gifts now and preparing whats going to happen and when it makes it so much easier when it comes to the day.


Keep it simple a BBQ at home is our Xmas tradition who needs a big dinner !


Try doing something good for someone rather than giving something good. So many around us need something done as opposed to a needing a material item.


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