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Tips to reduce stress during christmas

I know it may not be relevant to all but always i find Christmas time a bit stressful. Usually the buying of presents ,Christmas Shopping ,Dinners and other things. Any of these things bother you guys? and any tips to cope with this stress?


I try not to overindulge. With food, drink and buying presents. I try to balance family and relaxation time so I don't feel I have to have another holiday to recover.


Learn how to say "No" to all the extra stressful things that people want you to do - are they necessary or nice-to-have things


I think it's being organised at the beginning of the year - start putting money aside on a supermarket christmas club so you pay weekly....start buying presents during the year - plan for it and it totally takes the stress away!


I think we are sharing the responsibilities as a family more. I used to leave the whole thing up to my wife to deal with but now I do most of the cooking and if we are having lots of people to ours on Xmas day I will suggest something to bring to help out. We have turns now, going to different family members for our main get together so it's not always the same person dealing with the stress.


Delegate to others and dont try and do everything yourself, dont take on too much, ensure you have some 'ME' time and enjoy the friends and family. Eat plenty of fresh summer food and relax with a cuppa (or drink) at leas twice a day.Watch a silly rerun on TV to relax and rest your mind and body.


Get something for your partner that reduces stress because if your partner is nice youll be able to use it also, ie foot or back massager, a good coffee machine um other things like that stuff etc.


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I don't celebrate christmas so that does ease my stress although being asked to move out in 42 days is a stress for me at this time. but I do swap presents with a couple of friends but one died the day before christmas so what to do with her present now? anway with regards to presents I do buy things throughout the year & when I see something usually on special & when I can afford it so that I always have something to hand & there is no stress at the end of the year or when everyone is out shopping. i tend to stay away from shopping malls etc at this time as that is an added stress in itself. online is a good way to shop even with supermarket shopping. countdown this year i have found if you are on their email list were offering free delivery big lots of extra bonus points to name a few so that is a way to shop when you have the time relaxing at home & no worries with finding a carpark. I do roasts as thats an easy dinner with not much to do & the oven does it for you. you could get everyone that is coming to bring a dish that would reduce your stress. there is always the rescue remedy range for stress relief as well as many teas that help like camomile or specific to stress relief. the main thing is not to get all stressed up/out or worried as it just makes you ill & it makes it worse so just chill out take it easy take some deep breaths & if all else fails do what i do leave everything & sit down put your feet up & watch a dvd/tv or something you've recorded that you know you'll enjoy which will take your mind off it & give you another view on things when you have to think about it again. what i do for my sons stress is get him to take a pill & I take on his stress & solve his problems for him but he has special pills for that so that won;t work for you sorry but you never know the doctor might be able to prescribe you something if you have the need.


Well avoid stuff which irritates you try not to bother that,Stay happy listen to the music,watch movies,go out with friends when you get stress. Take rest play games and make some healthy activities,that will help you in keeping yourself away from stay. Orlando personal trainer

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