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I love the feeling of high energy when Im exercising every day. I find myself looking forward to getting out and pounding the pavement. I hate feeling like I do now, being sick and sunburnt, and stuck inside from the heat and humidity. I wanna get back out there!


I try to exercise 5 times a week and have the weekend off but will still be up to doing exercise in the weekend too if the family want to go for a walk, swim etc. I think it's so important to exercise on a regular basis. I used to be so sporty as a kid and teenager but lost it after i had my kids. Just over a year ago i joined a gym and it wasn't easy at all. I couldn't even do 5 mins on the cross trainer because i was so unfit. I started off will the treadmill and slowly began to run on it, even sprints. I am pleased to say that now i can do over an hour on the cross trainer. I really had to push myself but i wanted to achieve it so bad. Now that i have my fitness levels back up i want to keep it that way. I feel i have so much more energy now and can do things so much easier and i'm so much stronger. I have also dropped two dress sizes and are completely happy with myself as a size 6. I love that saying " I might be coming last but i'm beating that person on the couch " Anyone can achieve their goals and dreams. Don't give up!!!!!!


I exercise 6 times a week and feel like shit if I don't. Love the post workout or run buzz. Its the time of year I notice all the new-year-resolution people out walking and running, numbers halve by February and fairly much go back to normal by March.


A little regular exercise can help ease depression, boost energy and mood, and relieve stress. But you don't have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. No matter your age, health limitations, or fitness levels, there are enjoyable ways to use physical activity to feel better every day.


I was going to start exercising today...but it's raining...

Seriously, the words above were never truer and you don't need flash gym memberships, gucci shoes and gym clothing, or expensive home gym equipment (most of which, let's face it, just gathers dust). The most important thing to have for a useful beneficial exercise programme to realise the benefits listed above is the will power to make a little exercise every day as much a part of your daily routine as coffee in the morning and brushing your teeth at night (two other great health enablers). It's a waste of time and potentially harmful to do a big spurt of fitness and then let it lie until next time you get the urge - the trick is to do a little a day - even better to keep some notes to set standards and targets so that you know if you are achieving anything qualitatively e.g. weight loss or qualitatively e.g. feeling better and more energetic...


I do an indoor 15-minute interval training session followed by 20 mins of tai chi when I'm out taking the dog for a walk. I've been doing this mostly six days a week for the last five months and am absolutely loving it. I've never been particularly fit before and have always struggled with previous my exercise attempts because I had to "make time" for it. I find this a great way to start the day and then I've got plenty of energy to do other exercise later in the day or evening if I choose to. Truly the best combination ever for my mind and body.


Listen to your body. Ask yourself if you are really hungry, or you want to work-out more!
It actually takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough.


I totally agree that moderate exercise gives you more energy, increases blood flow, wakes you up etc. But personally I find exercise of more than an hour tiring, I often just want to lie down for a nap!


Exercise at the beginning of the day sets me up for the day. Wakes me up gradually, gets all the muscles working and sets the metabolism for the day. Use your head and let your body tell you when you have done enough - you do have to get through the rest of the day and too much exercise can tire you out. I like to do 30 - 60 minutes in the morning; a 15 - 30 minutes walk at lunch time - a good reason to get out of the office; and then another 30 - 60 minutes later in the day. Exercise stops you sitting on your chuff to long and its a good way of keeping away from the cookie jar!!! And whatever you do, find exercise that you enjoy.


A major benefit of exercise for me is that it increases bone density and improves bone health.

I have always been worried that I have really weak bones because I dont drink milk or eat dairy products normally. At a recent health check I was pleasantly surprised that my bone density is above average even compared to a young healthy adult.

So its especially important to exercise if you are like me and dont eat or drink milk and dairy products

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