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The Importance of Exercise - Increased Energy -

Around the world, scores of people participate in some sort of exercise, sports, or physical activity. They are overcoming excuses and realizing numerous benefits that one can achieve from undertaking physical activity on a regular basis. Exercise is important to keep both your body and mind "in shape". Here are some of the basic benefits that people can look forward to, when embarking upon a lifetime fitness outlook that includes some form of exercise: Increased Energy By working out on a regular basis, your body becomes more efficient at burning calories. This gives you more energy throughout the day. Increased Metabolism Increased physical activity through working out leads to more muscle mass, which in itself leads to a higher metabolism. As per some studies, every extra pound of muscle allows you to burn anywhere from 50-100 calories when at rest. Improved Muscle Tone Physical activity, especially weight training allows you to change the shape of your body. Since muscle is denser than fat, one can get bigger or smaller by gaining more muscle mass. Better Health Increased exercising leads to a strengthening of the immune system; which means that one is less likely to get sick when exercising the right amount. On the other hand, over exercising can weaken your immune system and make you sick. Stress Reduction Stress levels are reduced extensively by regular work outs. They allow the individual to take their mind off the daily grind and use pent up energies for productive purposes. Improved Self-Esteem When following an exercise regimen for a regular basis, you bring about greater self esteem through the results and accomplishment achieved.

Great Man, Great Chat!

Very much on the money. The mental aspect is incredibly underrated as has a massive affect on performance. There is an awesome quote, "A man rarely runs far enough to find his second wind."

Our capacity as humans knows no bounds but the first step to breaking down those barriers is deciding to.

Awesome stuff!


i concur GM i also find it interesting you include 'mind' in importance of exercise... that's the first thing i need to work on for any results to happen...now if i could take a motivation pill..hmmm


Without a doubt exercise promotes health, wellbeing, confidence, fitness, self-esteem. Another fantastic side-effect is often the decrease in appetite and an increase in awareness of the types of nourisment that you are willing to ingest....if you are out and about then you are not lounging around thinking that eating is a good way to fill in time till the next meal...I find if I exercise a lot on a given day then my calorific intake is way lower as I tend to look for apples and water instead of chippies and coke while playing PS3.


It's funny how energy breeds more energy. I think a great benefit is the mental aspect of it. I'm much happier in weeks when I'm exercising compared to when I'm being slack.


i too find if you have a new phone on offer your feeling of wanting to be healthy and fit will increase your posting about the prior untold times


Naturally, physical exercise means work. And it is not always enjoyable to do, but knowing the massive potential payouts makes it easier to get and stay motivated, and to enjoy it "most" of the time. I know first-hand. I have been through this – knuckling down and getting into shape requires hard work and dedication. It’s not a case of flicking a switch like me. (DAM WHERE IS MY REMORT)


I'm guessing buring more calories translates into more energy. I'm imagining a coal furnace with the coal bits as the calories. That works for me. I think we all sort of know that exercise is beneficial and good. How to motivate the enjoyment of it on a regular basis is another thing though. I find team sports have worked for me in the past.


Great man this is an awesome forum and such a great boost of motivation. no doubt that this information you have provided will inspire people to continue the exersize they are already doing or get people into doing it.Good work ,


read recently the whole higher metabolism from gaining muscle is actually so miniscule its almost criminal to promote it as every "expert" seems to forget or not realise fat burns calories too so the actual difference is really really minor


I exercise regularly and I do feel that I have a lot more energy then people who I know who don't, I feel much better about myself too when I know Im keeping fit and healthy and just feel like I can do so much more


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