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Our heart, our brain – our entire body – benefits from Sex It's a home made Gym.

Ha, you lucky bugga how longs your work out?


2 hours a day & 5 days a week ... ;-)

...good going GM may I ask what you do in your exercises? am always curious to know what type of and combinations one does in their exercises plan.....

i do normal gym work-out ... START with warm up..

DAY 1 -Arms, DAY 2 -Back, DAY 3 -Chest, DAY 4 -Legs, DAY 5 -Shoulders AND TWO DAYS REST
End with Abs every day

...hmm looks like a good plan....I try and mix it up instead of focusing on one area per day...but I suppose us girls like variety in our exercises cause I have noticed that a lot of guys do similar things to what you do focusing on certain areas each day, my bf works out in a similar fashion.....but thanks for that...it is appreciated

Greatman we are talking about sex exercise here are we not? "2 hours a day & 5 days a week ... ;-) "
Is this the same partner everyday l wonder, lol

lol BJ' wake up ... 'Dee' is a female - just trying to be nice to her.

....oh please GM I can take it....your making me feel inferior by trying to be nice!...after all this is GetFrank and not Chelsey is it not....I'm sure I can handle it...and BJ knows I can too....lol

@ Dee'... lol - Well .. inferior it is.. , welcome to men's world.

...pfffff...yes GM keep thinking that way....way to progress!!


One wise man said ''you only life ONCE, better use your BRAIN, BEFORE YOU GET HIT BY A BRAINSTORM''


Generosity and Selfishness- two qualities we all have in abundance and two in which we are @ constant odds in how to distribute to all those who cross our paths and entwine themselves in our lives- including family friends and strangers. We all need to give and take @ different times and in different ways but we must realise it is OK to say not now, no or never and to not feel bad about it. Remember that you are the most important person in your life and the balance between generosity and selfishness- while often ebbing and waning- ultimately must be made to satisfy your own sense of pride and wellness and without malice, duress or retribution.


@ Dee.. -My dad told me long ago & I belive that there are five exercises that have great potential for helping you build muscle & keep you Smart-looking for life.
Military Press, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Squats & Straight Leg Deadlifts. Make sure you don't tell anyone ;-)


I read in the Herald (HOS) that those who want to lose weight should not be eating Muesli for breakfast & should have Baked Beans instead by themselves.
No Carbohydrates for Breakfast if you want to lose weight.


Breakfast is a most important meal of the day.


"Breakfast is- the most important meal of the day." Well, it turns out one new study says eating a big breakfast is the worst thing you can do for your waistline.

The conventional wisdom has always been that a good breakfast helps people avoid overeating during the rest of the day and boosts metabolism.

Nonsense, says one German researcher. :-(

“Eating breakfast is just added calories. You’ll never compensate for them at subsequent meals,” Volker Schusdziarra, M.D., professor of internal medicine at the Technical University of Munich told The New York Times.

Dr. Schusdziarra analyzed 10 days worth of food journals kept by 380 people -- 280 of them obese and 100 of them normal weight. No matter what people ate in the morning, according to his report published in Nutrition Journal, they consumed roughly the same amount of food at lunch and dinner. Simply put, people who ate a bigger breakfast ate more calories the rest of the day than people who are a smaller breakfast

The study also did not take into account people's exercise habits or day-to-day routines.


DON'T EAT A POUTINE BEFORE YOGA CLASS: A yoga teacher who's supposed to eat healthy shows you what happens when she eats a poutine before instructing her class.



DO YOU SUFFER FROM INSOMNIA? Eat the right food to achieve a sound sleep.

Many people in this world are suffering from lack of sleep, which always leaves a bad effect for the next morning. It makes them drowsy, tried etc. However when you are going through such a problem just give a little focus on your food habit or regular diet. Experts believe that having the perfect foods can give you a sleepy night. So make sure you have the list of those foods in your grocery list.

- Having some dairy products (milk, yoghurt etc.) can also enhance your sleep.
- Having a banana (you can also mix it with a cup of milk & prepare a smoothie) can help you to get a quality sleep.
- Green tea is a rich supplier of theanine, which can help you to boost your sleep.
- Instead of having sugar, carbohydrate rich candy or cake having a cheese or an egg or any other rich protein supplier can help you fall asleep.
- Almond is a rich supplier of magnesium, which boosts your sleep as well as is quite helpful in muscle relaxation.
- Consuming cherry juice (especially tart cherries) can help people suffering from insomnia.
- Don't watch TV in the bedroom, it's a place for rest.

This may stop you wearing the carpet out over Christmas.

...green tea is always great works a treat for me once I hit the pillow.....

Ok hows that work DD, do you hit the pillow then drink the green tea through a straw? lol.

...lol...I have the green tea before I hit the below BJ....but if you would like to test the other theory please do so and report back!...hehehehe....pictures a plus....


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