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Are we eating the wrong thing for Breakfast? Such As Concentrated Orange Juice, Margarine & Whole Wheat Breads (THE MAIN CAUSES FOR YOUR BELLY FAT).

Causes of Belly Fat:
1. Concentrated Orange, Apple or Berry Juice (processed food has all of the fibre removed, it is basically lolly water).
2. Margarine, Use Butter Instead (Butter is saturated fat and your body can burn this).
3. Whole Wheat Breads, Pasta, Cakes, Muffins or Pizza (these are all HIGH Carbs).
4. Mental Stress, causes an increase in Cortisol (which increases your appetite and your craving for sugar which is then stored in the Abdominal Region).
5. Don’t Go On A Diet (Your body will go into Fat Storage Mode), instead eat small snacks between meals.

No amount of exercise will fix a weight problem if we are still feeding on the wrong foods. We need the right amount of carbs with the right balance of protein.

Don’t Believe Me, Then People You Better Check Out This Website, this lady has it nailed.


core exercises added to your workout will keep that at bay along with eating healthy its easy to say and really damn hard to do....I know I fight with it everyday especially when I see foods I love but can only have once in a wee while


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The key to losing weight is to have realistic expectations, follow a balanced low fat diet, introduce healthy changes to your diet slowly so you can stick to them, gradually begin to exercise and allow yourself the odd non-fat or non-food reward.


Lean meat is a great source of protein, iron for oxygen transport to muscles, and amino acids including leucine, which, Rosenbloom says, is thought to be a trigger for muscle growth.


The Best Car Safety Device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. Dudley Moore


Don’t be a Couch Potato, a busy person is more likely to be fit and well.


Just be satisfied with your self first and do factors that satisfy you and take it easy. That is biggest really like of all. If you can do that, you will be able to distribute really like and pleasure to others.

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The best tip would have to be enjoy life to the fullest without going totally overboard, you are going to spend a long time DEAD.


Hot Chocolate Boosts Elderly Brains -

Fair Go New research shows hot chocolate can help older people keep their brains healthy.
A study at Harvard Medical School shows that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day can boost blood flow to the brain and improve the memories of elderly people with narrowed arteries. 60 people with an average age of 73 were given two cups of cocoa a day in the study. After a month, those with poor blood flow experienced an 8.3% improvement in flow to working areas of the brain.
If it works for the elderly then l will encourage my kids to have more.

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