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1 PLAN YOUR DAY + LIFE 2 Have friends who too thinks like you about HEALTH. 3 MUST take-out time to workout. ('with' or without your family) 4 Eat fresh food & greens too. (everytime) 5 Always smile & it with come back to you (try to be happy) 6 Be honest to others. Dont muck around. There is more to life. 7 WELL KNOW SAYING: USE IT OR LOSE IT - NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR JOB. (keep working)

I have one point you could add to your list: “8. You don’t need stress in your life”.

Don’t over commit yourself when it comes to a home mortgage, be happy with what you have for the time being, build up your assets slowly. Too many young people start their life wanting everything and putting it all on tick. This creates too much stress and if they are not careful it can end up killing their relationship.

I am not sure about #2 esp for people that take their health and well-being for granted!

My tip is following a recent health scare and my first ever visit to hospital is don't take life for granted and make the the most of every single day!


Just be happy with your self first and do things that make you happy and enjoy life. That is greatest love of all. If you can do that, you will be able to spread love and happiness to others.


Avoid public transport in winter, seriously this is a major place to pickup bugs and germs and there always pople coughing and sneezing . Take the car instead, much safer

@ Uglyfeet -- VERY GOOD POIN. i too was thinking on same line - just an hour ago.


Enjoy and appreciate the preciousness of everything you have. Even if it's a toothache, be glad you have teeth!


....live everyday like its your last....laugh constantly it is the music of the soul....and love, like there is no end.....

...even with a gun to your head?

...I could be the one holding the gun and the duck could be the one getting it!....


It’s your attitude towards life, that makes your life. Being happy with what you have is my key to being stress free. The days are short, our life is too short & before you know it we are getting old. Learn to be in harmony with your partner, this will help you live life to the fullest. Being serious is soooooo glum sometimes!


I really don't agree with #7 - Never give up your job?? I was a nanny years ago, if I hadn't given that job up I would have just lost it now that the boys are off to University. I would have spent something like 15 years as a nanny... Instead I left, started working on movies and TV and I LOVE it!!! I'd change #7 to... Find what you love to do, and work out how to get someone to pay you to do it.

I still haven't worked out what that is though. I'm worried I'll spend my whole life wishing I knew what it was but never discovering it.

...yeah I would say give up your job if it doesn't fulfill you and find the one that does......


i like stating obvious things...if you find yourself heading down the wrong path....turn around!

...the best tip ever!.....lol


This is the top tip of all tips!

......there's a tip I could post but its not the tip of a tongue.....lol


Maybe this will jog your memory....

...WTH...I want that image and audio ripped from my mind!!!!!......you just made me lose over a minute of my time and I want it back!!!....

OMG you just wasted 15sec of my life...where'd you find that freak?

...that's the kind of guy you want to take home to meet the parents if you are totally f*cked of with them....lol

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