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Teeth - when to go electric

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth, is it better to go manual or switch to electric? Experts seem divided on the subject. There is no doubt that electric toothbrushes are the fashionable choice, especially the more expensive rechargable variety, and dentists seem to favour those with a round head that clean using a circular motion. However, the good old manual can be just as effective - like many things in life, it seems it's all down to technique. Most people brush for around 40 seconds, while a good two minutes is recommended. It's also important to brush where the teeth meet the gums, and to use a fluoride toothpaste. Whatever your choice, buying a decent toothbrush and using it properly adds up to a sound investment - especially when compared to the cost of a session in the the dreaded dentist's chair.


I can't believe people still use manual toothbrushes. Electric is so much more efficient and they are generally affordable - mine was $16 about 8 years ago (battery operated) and is still going strong but you're looking at probably $30 today. I used to have heaps of trouble with my teeth and brushed with a manual one and for years I haven't needed any work done. You can tell the difference when you switch back to manual! Investment is the right word. Happy cleaning!


I have to disagree here, we use manual toothbrushes and we don't have any problems with our teeth/gums. I can't think of using the electric variant for everything, what's coming next, electric toilet paper, which is gonna clean your bum so much better? No, thanks...


I used to use an electric toothbrush until I got my teeth professionally cleaned. They told me I should go back to a regular brush. One of the reasons was that the electric one was damaging my gums. I never got a second opinion so I don't know if that was true or not, but I've stuck to a plain old manual brush ever since.


I think I'd prefer to stick with a manual brush. You are in complete control that way. I haven't tried an electric one but it might apply too much pressure and cause bleeding, also I'd say it would be more difficult to get into the corners of your mouth.


I have both - use the electric most of the time but sometimes I'd rather just use the old trusty toothbrush. Although my electric does make my teeth feel a lot cleaner.


I much prefer manual ones! but then again it's been a while since I had an electric one - guess both are as good as each other.


I have used both, as I have pretty darn good (the fiancee & my friends, family) teeth, I'm happy to stick with the manual method of cleaning my teeth, found that the electric felt like it was wearing my teeth.


Everytime we go to the dentist it is drilled ( :) ) into us to use electric and I think it makes a huge difference.... and it makes sure I do the 2 minutes.


I went back to manual years ago... my oral hygenist wants me to floss though

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