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Stomach fat ???

Why is it so hard to loss the small amount of fat on my stomach do heaps work outs sit ups ect but just can seem to get the 6 pac help!!!


What's the expression? If at first you don't succeed..... Perhaps failure is more your style.


Ok, seriously though, I'd suggest running or swimming. Lots of it. You don't see many guys that do a lot of either of these with a spare tyre.


Yes... and in addition to that... You can't lose weight in an area by exercising that area. You lose it from where ever your body chooses to take it from. You can increase the muscle, of course, but can't focus fat loss.


so your saying because he wants to lose it on his stomach his body will decide to remove it from everywhere else first, and then when he is as skinny as a rake it will finally go from his stomach? :P


That's not what I said, but sometimes exactly how it feels.


I have to agree with Fiona you can't focus exercise on parts of your body to lose weigh there, not in the full sense of it, it doesn't work that way weight will drop of and tighten from all areas of the bodyi....you can't suddenly say weight I am going to do 20 sit ups today and I want you to come of my stomach....good luck with that.....it all comes down to that old school recipe of healthy eating and exercise, combined with commitment to that and in time weight will be lost and muscles will be gained....so drop and give me 50!


Liposuction would sort it. If you're not prepared to go to such extremes I'd consider just not being so hung up about it instead. It's highly unlikely to make you as unhappy as you are prepared to make yourself, agonising over it.


I heard that its the last fat on is the first off..... so my stomach 's turn must be near . Going to start doing walking laps of the local pool this week so we will find out soon.

Tell me about walking laps. I saw a guy doing this last year at the pools and apart from looking a bit ridiculous i remember thinking that it must be quite good for you. What would be the difference between doing this compared to say doing freestyle?

you dont get to meet a plethora of hot old ladies swimming freestyle ;)

lol well walking laps you keep your head above water. Actually not sure what the difference would be but i'll find out from trainer and post here. I could say walking works your lower body.


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