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Skipping or plyometrics?

What are the benefits of each and which is easier to get into? I think plyometrics, or explosive jumping, can be quite hard on your system so it's probably not as easy to get into as skipping. The benefits of doing some plyometric exercises (which could include some skips) are made evident quicker I think because they are harder on your body. With skipping, I've usually seen it done with boxers and in sports where agility with the feet are important. I guess it'd be good for general toning. A good workout might be skipping as a warmup and plyometrics as the 'main-course'. Thoughts?


Skipping is the best for or quick effective exercise, and relatively stress free and great for your shoilders,legs and bum, plus a great cardivascular workout. I skip every day for at least 10 -15 minutes. Thats all you need.


definitely skipping to take it up a notch skipping with ankle or arm weights....that burns!


Pylometrics can be good if you want to improve your jumping and sprinting. But it can be quite hard on your joints, especially if done incorrectly. Skipping would be easier to get into but I think bigger gains would be made with pylometrics.


Skipping is def the best! your working those arms and buttocks etc... and skipping can be so fun to!


Yeah skipping with the arm or leg weights is harder. Then there are things like double-skips and I'm sure there are even harder progressions for those skipping enthusiasts :). Check out this guy for some skipping info: Buddy Lee and skipping basics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG0Vgww1XhY Buddy Lee and some more advanced skipping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXovowbMsLE and on that note, I'm going to find my skipping ropes :)


I've always found skipping is actually the fun part of a workout, especially when you've got the right soundtrack, brilliant as the cardio section of a circuit workout, and you can certainly improve your technique over time.


I haven't skipped for a long time and don't even own a skipping rope anymore. Do you need a rope to skip? If you do all the actions, is it the same as skipping with a rope? You won't trip yourself up if you don't have a rope.

It is different without a rope because you're not using your wrists to turn a rope. You don't have the resistance of the rope on your wrist muscles.

I think having the rope keeps you from being lazy with your jumps. You could do skipping without a rope and still get the benefits to your legs.

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