Discussing :: Simple weight loss techniques.


I had a friend that lived on yoghurt with bran mixed though, got her more regular and the weight fell off.


Its a matter of training yourself to eat less (smaller portion size), drinking plenty of water between meals, snacking on raw veges as they contain the most nutrients, and exercising even if this means walking to the shops or walking around the block before work. These small things really make a huge difference!! Save the aclohol or chocolate for a treat at the end of the week as your incentive for all your hard work you have put in but make sure its just a treat not a binge!!


The equation is simple - make sure you burn more calories than you eat. Make sure you eat healthy. It worked for me!


Some regular exercise really does help, followed the advise of my doctor to do at least 20 minutes of some sort of exercise. Got myself a bike and went for a 20 minute bike ride every day and cut out ALL fizzy drinks, the kilos just fell off.


As our doc told my hubby reduce the amount entering your mouth and exercise .It works if you cut out the unnessary food pick the healtehr choices ,drink lots of water and even just walking does make you loose weight


I absolutely agree that sleep deprivation is connected to gaining weight. A person tends to eat more to compensate for the lack of sleep. A person's lifestyle needs to be changed as well. There is a need for a balanced diet and a consistent amount of time devoted to exercise. There are instances wherein a person's metabolism has slowed down. This has happened to some of my friends and relatives. No matter how hard they try to keep a healthy lifestyle they have what they call stubborn fats that don't want to be eliminated. Currently, some of them have resorted to using diet supplements that can increase their metabolism. I keep on hearing them compare their diet supplement results. Some have praises for Rasberry ketone while some fancy liproxenol. I guess, I better update you guys if these diet supplements are effective in achieving their desired weight.


I also came across this product called liproxenol when we slept over at my friend's house. By then, we all knew her secret why she has been losing weight over the last 2 months. She had us fooled to say she was on a diet. LOL! Will definitely buy one this week.


my technique is eat healthy and train hard that combination works for me, also information is key I researched different methods of exercise in relation to yoga, cardio, core etc and tried out a few workouts until I created a whole set of workouts that suited me and made me feel the hurt, when I come across new and interesting workouts I adjust my workouts to add it to it and if I am bored with certain aspects of my workout I drop it and add others, my eating habits changed dramatically I make sure my plate has more vibrant coloured foods on it i.e. vegetables and only have chicken for example to the size of my palm or smaller depending on how hungry I am. I try to eat my biggest meal in the morning and then have a smaller meal in the evening because I know I am active during the day and by the evening I am buggared so minimal activity happens lol and I stop eating before 8pm it works for me so find what suits you and who knows you may enjoy the change


You guys are lucky you have time for workout. I am a working mom with a 2-year old son. Lucky me I found a work that allows me to stay at home with my kid. Unfortunately, it's taking a toll on my weight because I have to stay in front of the computer for hours while my son is asleep and had to eat to keep me awake. When I saw the post regarding Liproxenol I searched the web and found out that it's an all-natural pill. I am currently on my third week of using it now and am seeing results. My carving for food started to drop and I started lose lbs. The pill also provided me extra energy and I'm not feeling sleepy during work hours so this one really works for me.


Liproxenol.......almost sounds like liposuxion.


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