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I can reliably report back that I've dropped 5.5Kg in 5 weeks thanks to my lifestyle changes mentioned above. Feel heaps better and looking healthier. My goal is to lose another 15 kg before Feb next year. The hardest part was just getting into an eating routine and sticking to it. Hopefully have that under control now.


Had reached the flag that obesity is a health point of imbalance in the metabolism and this is due to the accumulation of grease or endocrine disorder .. And genetics is not a big role in obesity, as some believe has been confirmed by scientific research that obesity dire consequences on the human body has issued an insurance company American statistics it was decided that the longer the lines Belly Ring shortened lines of old men who are over the vicinity of their stomachs over the vicinity of their hearts are dying by more As research has proven also that diabetes affects the obese more often than normal and that obesity affect the organs of the body especially the heart, where resolved fats replace some heart muscle cells, which directly affects the function and sincerity of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when he warned of obesity and satiety He said: (House of stomach disease) and warned that research of the use of drugs to reduce the weight of what caused the damage and noted that the optimal treatment and prevention of obesity He said prophet mohammed peace be upon him (what a human and a bowl filled with evil than his stomach, according to the son of Adam a few mouthfuls, the actor had to be third for his food and one-third for drink and one third for himself(To breathe) )and saying (House of stomach disease) Including what Hoatba ordered by God Almighty after excessive eating and follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to eat and talk explained that we are dealing with ... The application of the verse: ((31) O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid, and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.) Al-custom: 31 and this has already Islam of modern science for more than four centuries to the importance of balance in eating and drinking and warned of the dangers of excess in which on human health Protection of the digestive system said peace be upon him (the root of all disease Burda) Burda: Glut: This talk is a milestone in the health of the digestive system, and thus protect the whole body of the poisoning of self that arises from (satiety) and the filling of the stomach and loaded up their energy from food heavy, and eat food again before the digestion of food first, which happens indigestion and fermentation .. And thus become an acute inflammatory contagious as a result of chronic endemic disease germs in the intestines that sends toxins into the circulation, to affect the nervous system and respiratory system, urinary system and the kidney and other vital organs from the body, which causes disruption of its functions. Hence, the medical miracle possible to reach the root cause of each disease is excessive eating that is causing the glut lead to many diseases as revealed by modern medical research


Zzzzzzz sorry keep it Simple, eat less and exercise more.


Excellent tips. Old school diet and exercise tops my bill along with a pill recommended by my gym buddy called Liproxenol. It kept me losing weight when my determination was failing me. I was losing weight though I don't get to exercise as much as I used to.


for me the weight loss is not the hardest bit, keeping it off is,having done so for over three years, i have since had a small gain, so i am now back on Weight Watchers, which i do successfully at home alone,for me it is about portion control and eating everything in moderation, which is what WW is all about, that is why it suits my needs and lifestyle so well, i keep all my meals as low fat as possible, using cooking methods such as steaming ,grilling and i stay away from adding fats and oils to any of my cooking,i have found this eating plan along with some exercise is the best for me, i feel so much better when in control of my eating habits, and WW allows me to eat like a normal person and also enjoy treats now and then.


Eat healthier and exercise more, it's not hat hard, no gimmicks it's just mental toughness!


Lost a bit of weight recently. Did it by eating less takeaways and being more active. You don't have to cut out everything you love either, just remember to have things in moderation


One of the biggest surprises for people wanting to lose weight is the real value of diet over exercise. My wife for years went to a gym and struggles to lose weight. Alot of the women at her gym were quite overweight. They were constantly perplexed. My wife quit the gym and joined JC. What a differeance in only a few short months!! My advice cut out the exercise (it only stimulates hunger), lose some weight then go back to exercise.


An exercise routine EVERY DAY is a good place to start along with eating smaller portions of ONLY healthy food. Cut out sugar and processed food. Should see some result fairly quickly.


I believe in lifestyle not diet. I try and exercise 3-4 days a week and also try and walk instead of taking the car. My diet is ok but I love my wine and treats!!! So I need to cut back if I want to lose weight!!! Its not rocket science but it is hard!!! I started running last June, one minute and I was puffed!!! Have worked hard and pushed myself!!! I'm 40 next week and wanted to do the Hamilton lake, 3.8km but have done it and now can do 5kms, its not easy I have to push thru everytime and I don't run fast but I'm out there doing it and that's the main thing!!! Pick a goal and go for it!!!

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