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i'velost 3kg now, just going to the gym and not drinking alcohol


travelling seems to work the best for me. i lost more than 4kg when i went on a 2 week holiday even though i ate heaps of junk food during the trip... sadly though all the weights have come back since I am back in NZ :(


...I made sure to work out longer than usual this morning after indulging....and theres still New Year to come....and so much yummy food options so any weight loss or exercise techniques are great in my book!....


Thank you so much for providing such a information. It has a big help for me. Hope to see more info updated.I must bookmark this article! Kamagra


There are some great tips in this thread. I'm gonna use a few of these. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last week and I have to loose some weight sooner rather than later. The doc tells me if i can improve my eating (content and regularity) and maintain regular exercise i may well be able to reverse it. So the goal has been set. Goodbye coke, donuts and vegetating on the couch. Hello green tea, regular meals and afternoon walks. Wish me luck.


...I have found weights to be great I never really got into them much until the last couple of months usually stuck to resistance bands and the like, but have found weights are great and now usually go for a walk with 10kg in a pack back or do some squats with weights etc and have found my body shape starting to change interesting, but will have to keep an eye on that because I don't want to get huge muscles or anything yuck! just well toned.....


It's disturbing how many people I know, including my wife, who believe weight loss can be achieved by diet alone. I've always had a "everything in moderation" attitude..although these days "everything" tends to lean towards the more healthy options..with regular exercise/activity. And given what's freely available in this country..I've never spent a dollar in a gym.


Three weeks in on changing my habits and i have noticed some changes. I've been eating decidedly more healthier and more often (but in smaller quantities). I've also hired a treadmill and have been doing an hour a day on that at different inclines and speeds. i haven't weighed myself yet, but i've had over 10 people say to me they think I've lost weight. So that's got to be a positive thing


Might try sleeping earlier... been packing weoght on lately, recognise that it is all muscle bulk & I still fit 30" shorts & jeans, but I am almost 8kg heavier than a year ago?


Getting more sleep might work for some but I struggle with getting 4 hours a night on average. I'll have to stick with eating better and exercising.

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