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Simple weight loss techniques.

I went from weighing 126kgs to 80kgs in just over 6 months by doing a few subtle changes in my lifestyle. Firstly I changed the way I prepared food, instead of frying it, I grilled it and let the fat drip off into a pan underneath, I made lunch my main meal of the day and at dinner time I ate fruit and had a protein shake. I actually found I felt full afterwards and didn't suffer any hungers pangs either. Combined all these things with walking 6kms a day, only takes an hour and the weight will fall off, you will get positive comments from friends and family and your outlook on life will improve. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, give it a try !

great post. thanks. I'm in the process myself at the moment.


summers here - inspiration is high and walking shoes are on, nice one


In summer I like to catch the bus to work (I'm not a morning person!) but walk home. It's about an hour of light exercise that doesn't seem like exercise and it helps you unwind at the end of the day!


Good work, it's definitely the little changes that matter. Take the lift, walk to the tv, eat fruit for a sweet treat rather than a sweet treat.. but let yourself have a treat once in a while too. You have to enjoy life as well. Balance makes perfection :P


Check out subject "Honeys No1 in benefits", may help


be happy ;-)

Dont worry


WEIGHT LOSE AND POOR SLEEP Poor sleep could be stopping you from losing weight! Find out how... While most of us know that it’s important for us, we often don’t realise the effect good quality sleep has on our ability to lose those few extra kilos. People are more conscious of the importance of a good healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to weight loss than they are with ensuring good quality sleep. I’d like to share some insights into the effects of poor sleep. When we are tired we are more likely to make poor food choices as we are looking for that quick hit of energy so we more readily reach for a chocolate bar, sugar filled energy drink or coffee. On top of this, we have a naturally occurring stress hormone called cortisol which signals our body to store and retain fat. If we’re not sleeping well our bodies will also target the quick hit, burning the easy-access sugar in our system for energy rather than burning our fat stores. As a result, our waistlines tend to get bigger instead of smaller, regardless if we are exercising or dieting. The good news is when we are in a deep, restorative sleep our cortisol level is significantly reduced. It’s the only time that cortisol drops low in our busy lives so it’s vital that we make it count. I recommend that we start thinking of sleep as an indispensable beauty product. Just like we invest in makeup, skin products and gym memberships, we should also be investing in our sleep. As we spend on average a third of our lives in bed, it is time people started to give consideration to their sleep and to the bed they are lying on. I get clients coming in all the time who have starved and exhausted themselves with too little food and too much exercise and yet find themselves not getting any smaller. Not one of them makes the connection between their bed, poor sleep and their weight. With the correct balance of support and comfort, we are more able to slip into a deep undisturbed sleep where our cortisol levels can drop to that desired low level. By having a bed that is suited to your unique body shape, you will be more able to wake every morning feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without an overwhelming need for caffeine or sugar. A quality bed is the key to achieving a healthy night’s rest and perhaps a smaller garment size too. http://www.sleepyhead.co.nz/sleep-advice/article/sleep-and-weight-loss/?gclid=CLGCoYHi5awCFQOGpAod10S7Iw


the simplest way to loose weight it's common sense eating... - eat smaller portions - don't snack between meals (if you need a snack then think what the best snack would be) - watch what you eat (if you eat fatty foods then you will be fatty) - don't drink high sugar drinks (water is all you need for a drink & it's always free) very simple and anyone can do it following my own advice i lost 25 kgs over a year with very little extra exercise


All great tips. Just eating the right foods in the right proportions and doing regular excercise will help you maintain a healthy weight.


Leave out the alcohol and stretch as often as you can during the day


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