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Sex Is Good For Your Health

sex is actually a good exercise that involves many different muscle groups, obtaining down and dirty could be both pleasurable and practical as it pertains to helping control calories. In the end, who’s going to complain about a little burn when you’re in the throes of passion?
On average we burn about 4 calories per minute during sex, which equates to about 240 calories a good hour. Obviously the much more vigorous you are, the much more calories you’ll use, and the solution would be to try as numerous positions because you can and have a lengthy, hot session between the sheets - having your bedroom because warm because feasible will help, as well. If the woman is actually on top, employing a bouncing movement, then she’ll double her calorie expenditure and get a fab bum and thigh exercise into the bargain. And don’t stint on the heavy breathing - it’ll increase your heart rate and boost the burn. It’s additionally thought that women who have a good orgasm during sex burn much more calories than individuals who don’t.
It’s not only full-on sex that does the trick, though. Kissing is actually a significant complex procedure, needing over 30 muscle tissue working in harmony, and burning about 100 calories a good hour. And oral sex can use upward about 200 calories per hour - not poor when you consider a good average climax of sperm consists of 5 to 15 calories. It’s about balance.
Along with the extra health benefits of regular, satisfying sex - which can include a far more youthful and glowing appearance and a good improved defense mechanisms, sex is actually known to be considered a great organic mood improver. So grab your favourite toy, hands or partner… get busy and get burning.


5 Reasons to Have Sex Today, Now!

Sex boosts your immune system (people who have regular orgasms are less stressed, less depressed and generally more well physically, mentally and emotionally).
Sex burns calories (30-minutes of sex burns 90 calories).
Sex relieves pain (orgasm one serious narcotic).
Sex decreases aging (use it or lose it).
Sex is great for depression (the release from orgasm does much to calm people).


....then marriage can't be...lol


All worries and tension are gone using sex...


...its not really rocket science is it...having sex is always a plus towards improving health, mind and body....


plus its a good way of passing time.


Completely agree, 101% agree... sex specially done legally and hygenically and safely add more energy in life... makes life easy and lovely.... and Healthy!!!... Cheers...


Yeah it's great... only pitfalls come about if the woman becomes completely nuts... for the last few months my life has been more stress free without getting any... hahaha


''University of Texas researchers found that boosting self-esteem was one of 237 reasons people have sex.

That finding makes sense to sex, marriage, and family therapist Gina Ogden. She also says that those who already have self-esteem say they sometimes have sex to feel even better''
I found this from WebMD website.


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