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Sex is all the exercise you need?

I once read that sex is all the exercise you need. This started me thinking if it's possible to create a complete workout regime using lovemaking as the basis. Your thoughts please - which positions, amount of reps.... etc, etc. My girlfriend is very keen to try this, so let us know what you think. Try to keep it clean (ish) please!

yup just put the s on exercise and nek minute SEXERCISE

sure sex works for me, but you need lots of variety too!

I just had my tubes tied, yipee!!! So I am keen to try this idea. A lot of the time I get sore inner thighs after "sexercising" so it must work lol.


That might just be a lot of sex. no complaints here! but i always get the munchies after and end up cleaning the fridge


Sex is good but you couldn't form a full body workout around it. Not one that would keep me interested. I enjoy the gym, I use exercise as a way to clear my head. Get away from the world and sometimes that includes my partner. That being said, a good session in the sack can get a sweat up.


Is this the best we can manage? You, sir, are a shadow of a man... and you sir, are a childish ogre! Come on guys, give me some help here, I'm serious about setting up a workout based on sex!


well i got told i need to go for more runs last night as my heart rate was too high afterwards. So im guessing its a good form of exercise!


It's hard to work up a sweat in 30secs!


Lightweight! I'm up to 2 minutes. Woohoo!


Apparently you can lose calories just by kissing? lol

Technically I could lose calories just by sitting there staring at her arse. But I'd probably lose as many staring at the TV. Action - that's what's required.

You lose calories just by breathing, but if you are trying to lose weight, as opposed to gaining muscle, then reducing your caloric intake is more effective than trying to burn them off through exercise.

Just as I was developing a liking for your microwave cake recipe.

I know how you feel. I just tried a recipe from Chelsea (the sugar, not the forum) http://www.chelsea.co.nz/baking-and-recipes/1291/spiced-apple-upside-down-puddings.aspx which was pretty good, and unfortunately it would really lend itself really well to a cake in a cup if I can work it out. Unfortunate, because there will have to be a LOT of experimentation. And eating of cake.


Jason - they say each session is the same as losing the calories on a 7km run. So do 3 reps a night with sufficient recovery time in-between which equals a 21km run. Do this every second night and you should be onto a good thing. Once you're both up to it start increasing this to a nightly routine with a one week break every 21 days. Hope you're in shape mate or it could cost you in the long run. Take your vitamins. Good luck and go make us proud. Please remember that this should be done in conjunction with following a healthy eating pattern and you should always consult your GP before embarking on a strenuous and vigorous exercise regime.

At last! Some sense! Thank you sir, you've inspired me! Now, where was that woman of mine...


Sex is good to get you up and running and out of your zombiness.

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