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Secret to long healthy eating habits

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple changes and ensuring your food and meals remain tasty and enjoyable is the secret to establishing life long healthy eating habits. Tips: Enjoy your food but eat less Eat three meals a day starting with breakfast. Make half your dinner plate colourful vegetables Have water (or even tea/coffee/diet drinks) instead of fizzy, cordial or fruit juice Have fruit instead of cakes, biscuits, pastries and packet snacks. Your plate: Check portions – one half vegetables; one quarter protein food (lean meat, skinless chicken, fish, beans, eggs) and one quarter starchy food. Of course sometimes these foods are combined such as a quick stir fry or a ‘one pot wonder’ so just check you have your proportions right.


It is very important to consider the timing and quality of your meals. Digestive problems are common in shift workers due to disruption of the body clock and poor diet. Plan your meals to help you stay alert at work and to relax/sleep when you need to rest.


Eat good, quality food, rather than lots of rubbish. If you crave something, roll with it, but just have a small amount rather than a heap. Eat a broad range of colours each day, natural colours not food coloured ones obviously. For example red = tomato, strawberries, red capsicum. Green = apples, lettuce, zuchinni. Orange = Oranges, orange capiscum, mandarins etc etc. variety is important too


A fantastic strategy to help you lose weight is to schedule and plan your meals. One of the biggest mistakes by people trying to lose weight is to force themselves to eat less all the time and skip meals. Often, this has the negative effect of making them hungrier and consequently eating significantly more when they do eat. By taking control of your meals by scheduling them, you are losing weight through adding balance and not overeating when you do eat. It is a far more effective and satisfying approach.


And don't celebrate Christmas. Don't buy or receive chocolates or cake, and don't have big gathering with lots of food! Haha, like we could stick to that. I'd love to partake in a low cal vegetarian Christmas party :)


Listen to Morrissey or The Smiths & go vegetarian (or vegan) :) I'm eating vegan chocolate right now... been vegan since 1995... very healthy thank you


Hmmm, Chris, no, vegan is far from being very healthy. We're happy with our meat, the best to get your protein from are meat or animal products, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals (B-vits, iron, magnesium...) Where you get your vitamin B-12 from? Only found in animal products... The tips from Family Man are really good though and you should follow those tips, guys! We try to eat healthy, but we have our treats as well, sometimes a bit more than it should be, but oh well... we live once!:)


moderation and balance - that is all :)


We won't get true answers if answered by a developed countryman. Check out the ages achieved by old Chinese people who have lived, and lived well on rice and nigh on raw vegetables. Same for Tibetans, high country folk. No fast food goin down there apart from the wok.


wow thanks so much for this forum . we have monthly weigh ups at work and generally in good for the first few weeks but find it harder to stop temptations near the end.Need to find a more balanced way of control.

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