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Salmon Oil - Do you take it?

Salmon oil mainly contains omega-3 fatty acids. This is considered to be an excellent way to boost up the HDL in the blood. There are many benefits and uses of salmon oil and generally side effects are uncommon. Salmon oil has proven to be excellent and extremely essential for health. In other words, it is known to be very advantageous for health, at almost every stage of life.


I take flaxseed oil, have done for the past two years. I think its easy to take and you can add the oil to most foods to add flavour. I would like to see you add fish oil to a salad and see what's better.


I take some sort of fish oil every now and then. I don't think it is salmon oil though. They are huge pills and about an hour or so after I take them I burp a horrible fishy smell! it's all in the name of good health I guess.


Haven't taken salmon oil before but there is a first time for most things. I took cod liver oil as a kid and look how I turned out ...


I've heard of people taking, but not yet taken it myself, sounds like it could be better tasting comapred to cod-liver oil (yukky)


I haven't tried salmon oil, but I was brought up on Cod-Liver Oil with Malt. That big tablespoon used to advance on me, & I knew it would take ages to leave my mouth. Having said that, we had very little sickness in my home, so it must have been magic after all. I would be keen to give salmon oil a go, it could only be good for you. I would be interested to hear your verdict after taking it, please post your results.


I'm a fan of flaxseed or coconut oil, both have great benefits, any fishy type oils would probably put me off (that's my personal opinion) but am sure it would be good for you


I take Fish oil tablets (on account of my Fiancee refusing to eat anything that swims) in order to get some Omega in me. Is Salmon oil better than just generic fish oil tablets? Do they come in Tablet form? Flaxseed oil is meant to be the business too I've heard.


I was reading something the other day that suggested taking fish oil increases the risk of prostate cancer. Anyone heard this?


ive taken salmon oil before but have been lazy and havent taken it for awhile... i just eat fish oil capsules when i remember...

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